When you think of renting a tent, chairs, tables or linens for a special occasion, what type of event most commonly comes to mind? If you’re picturing a wedding right now, you’re spot on with one of the biggest industries that fuel event rentals.

Even with an estimated 2.189 million people planning to get married in 2014, weddings are still only part of the special events we serve over the course of a year. Community and corporate functions, parties, graduations, college events and tent washing keep us busy from January through December. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how Event Central serves this wide variety of social gatherings!

Community Events

If you have ever enjoyed one of the many community events that take place in Central Pennsylvania, the chances are good that you have also enjoyed the use of some of our rentals. The Kipona Wine, Art and Blues Festival, Arts Fest and Brewers Fest are just a few annual community events that we have worked with. Another one of these community events is just around the corner. The 2014 Derby Day will take place on Saturday, May 3 at Mount Hill Tavern where our rentals will keep people comfortable outdoors while creating a themed space perfect for watching the Kentucky Derby!

Walnut Street Bridge Harrisburg
The Walnut Street walking bridge provides an Iconic backdrop for Harrisburg’s riverfront events like Kipona and Arts Fest.

Gatherings for Family & Friends

These are those annual events that give us an occasion to reconnect with family and friends in a fun and causal environment. Event Central has served parties of all styles and sizes including birthday, pool and high school graduation parties, family reunions and holiday gatherings.  In the summer months, tents are a must-have if you’re planning an outdoor function. And even when inside, we can help provide additional seating, tables and linens to accommodate your extra guests.

College & University Events

Last week’s blog post discussed the various reasons why colleges work with event rental companies. They organize a ton of events every year, all with their own unique site configurations and rental needs. We have built an area of expertise in this field from working with various institutions across Central Pennsylvania, helping them with everything from graduation ceremonies, convocations, sporting events, orientations, concerts, fundraisers, alumni week, keynote speakers and presentations.

college graduation ceremony event rentals
Colleges and universities host a wide variety of special events on campus every year.

Corporate Events

Our event rentals prove that corporate events don’t have to be stuffy and boring. We have created a unique and comfortable space for a variety of business-related events including grand openings, ground breaking ceremonies, trade shows, golf outings, product launches, company picnics and seminars. We also offer traveling outdoor corporate kiosks and custom graphics packages to meet your event marketing needs.

Several hundred people were present to witness the ground breaking
This corporate event was to celebrate the ground breaking of the West Shore Hospital – Photo Credit, Sentinal

Tent Washing & Repair

While tent washing and repairs are not “special events” per se, they are unique services we provide that save our customers both time and money. We have the industrial machinery to professionally wash all types of tents, helping them to look their best even after a long season of use. Additionally, timely repairs are important for maximizing the lifespan of your tent. Especially, during the winter months, we focus on cleaning and repairing our inventory as well as inventory from other vendors and individuals.

large white tent
To keep a tent of this size looking bright and white, it takes professional washing and attention to any needed repairs.

What type of special event do you attend the most in a year? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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