“Hole in the wall” restaurant

About a year ago I had heard of this restaurant, but never got a chance to try it.  Finally last spring, I was looking for something different, and remembered hearing several years ago of an inner city York  “Hole in the Wall” restaurant which was supposed to be renowned for their food, and located near one of the Farmer’s Market.



Google “Restaurant York  PA”
The search triggered a few more synapses to fire and eventually placed me on their phone number. It ended up to be Blue Moon Restaurant. We called to be sure they would be open late, and headed out at 8:30.  York’s center city one-way streets always trick me, and after a few extra turns, we passed blue2the place without having realized it.

What a Neat Place
You enter up a few steps into a narrow room that housed the restaurant, bar, and kitchen. From the outside, you can also enter an Outdoor cafe, which was being used by a private party.  The interior was as warm as any fine restaurant we could have picked.  One problem. . . dressed in my Denim Shirt from a past factory tour of Losberger Tent in Heidelberg, Germany, and Jill in her Saw Whet Owl Research Fleece, we were clearly under-dressed, as we looked around at the seated guests.  Not to worry, the owner Janine greeted us as we were, and sat us next to the fireplace.


Food Critic
It would be silly for me to try to editorialize food.  But I will tell you we came away very impressed with what was clearly scratch food, delivered with a very seasoned staff of professionals like you might expect at a NYC restaurant.    Since I first wrote this post in March of 09, we have been back about 5 times,  passing dozens of other places each time on each drive from  New Cumberland .

Look inside:

Blue Moon Dining Room
Blue Moon Dining Room
Blue Moon Outdoor Cafe
Blue Moon Outdoor Cafe

March ’09 “Do you do Catering?” I ask
After I paid, I talked with the owner, in the interest of introducing Event Central and its services.  I learned Janine and Darrell Tobin had purchased and remodeled the restaurant about 2 years ago.  Darrell is a past chef of the Country Club of York, who went into business of his own.   Blue Moon is now doing  Off Premise Catering to expand the services beyond the restaurants capacity.  Janine indicated their catering menu’s are all created from scratch after consultation with the customer.  Based on my impression of the food, and the way the staff handled the service,  I am certain they could provide a very high-quality product.  However,  I would always expect a reputable Event Service Provider to provide the names of people who have purchased services similar to what you are considering.

In asking about their rentals,  I learned they often work with a good friend of mine, Jay of namesake Harvey’s Rent-all.  Jay is a second generation equipment and party rental store who has served the South Central PA market.  Since his niche is the small to medium events, while ours is with larger high-end events requiring specialized tenting, we don’t often compete for the same  jobs.

In writing this article, I found a lot of “Press” on Blue Moon.  The Central Penn Business Journal wrote during renovation.  There is Blue Moon Logo York PAalso a News video  of an interview with the owner  in March  by WHTM TV on a promotion they are doing on the Internet site Restaurant.com .  Note 1/15/10 coupon was still available.SW

I can’t say enough about how much we enjoy this establishment.
Blue Moon

361 W. Market St.
York, PA, 17401
(717) 854-6664

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