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When you share the exciting news of your engagement with family and friends, it’s natural for them for also want to lend you a piece or two of advice to help you plan your dream day. Even the most well-meaning “must do” tips can be stressful, overwhelming or come across rude. Moreover, how do you take all of this advice (especially pieces that contradict one another) and boil it down to something you can actually use?

Don’t fret! Out of all the wedding advice we hear (and give) on a regular basis, there are some pieces that rise to the top and have stood the test of time to be as relevant and helpful today as they were decades ago. Let’s take a look at the longstanding wedding planning advice you really need.

Your wedding will NOT be timeless

Often we hear brides describe their dream wedding as “timeless.” While we take this to mean a romantic style that pulls the most classic representation of love from all decades, we also must caution that no one’s wedding will be literally timeless.

Your wedding has a date and that’s a good thing. It’s a moment in time you can always look back on, remember and celebrate. The people in your wedding party, your guest list, the songs that were in style and your clothing and hair choices will all “date” your wedding to that specific moment in time. And that’s okay! You will drive yourself crazy trying to make decisions that will not only look good now but also 20 years from now. Relax and let this moment be exactly what it is.

Steer away from drastic trends

Having said everything we just did about trying to achieve a “timeless” wedding, we will build upon this advice with another helpful tip – steer away from drastic trends. Yes, many different elements will date your wedding, but going extremely trendy with your hair, makeup, wedding colors or wedding attire are often decisions brides and grooms most regret. Prime example: think the 1980’s. The big hair and big wedding dress looked just fine for the era, but quickly lost their appeal not more than a few years later. It’s okay to follow some trends, but carefully think about how they will translate to the photos you (and your grandchildren) will see years and years from now.

Stay true to what feels “naturally you”

Family and friends may kindly offer to lend a helping hand when it comes to wedding planning, but be sure to stay in control over the big details that really make your wedding feel like your own. For your décor, select a color palette you have loved your whole life. For your wedding dress, think about what you have always pictured yourself walking down the aisle in. Staying true to what feels “naturally you” is great advice for planning a wedding you will love your whole life.

Choose a venue that will continue to have meaning to you

When selecting your ceremony and reception locations, convenience and cost can control most of your decision making. However, we caution you to carefully choose your venues thinking about spaces that are meaningful to you and will continue to keep their meaning long after your special day has passed.

For example, the small church you grew up attending may not be as fancy and flashy as a big cathedral, but it will combine a lifetime of memories with one more very special one. Banquet halls and hotels often make great reception spots, but don’t overlook your own backyard or a family farm. These are spaces you can completely make your own and will visit again and again to relive your wedding memories for years to come.

Prioritize your budget with what really matters

The reality is every wedding has a budget – some may be big and some may be small. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, you will need to prioritize how you spend your money to some degree. Our timeless wedding advice here is to carefully choose the items that mean the most to you and invest your dollars here. For everything else that you don’t really care about or doubt your guests will notice (i.e. monogrammed napkins, pricey centerpieces and designer wedding shoes), scale back or skip altogether. Fewer, but high quality details that are well executed will be the focus of your day. Everything else will never be missed.

Use your manners and be grateful

Want to know what never goes out of style? Manners and gratitude! Throughout your wedding planning process you may be tested with stressful and uncommon situations that will leave you wondering how to react. Showcase your class and grace by responding to all situations as politely as possible. Show those who help you that you are grateful for their time. For those who may be less than helpful, still be kind. And when guests push your limits by asking for a plus one, requesting a special meal or offering a snide remark, take a deep breath and respond with patience.

Always bring your focus back to what this day is really about

Our final and most important piece of “timeless” wedding planning advice is to always remember the real focus of the day. While throwing a spectacular celebration is a lot of fun, truly the purpose of your wedding is to marry the love of your life. Keep this the focus and the rest of the details stressing you out will fade into the backdrop.

What were some of the best tips and tricks someone shared with you while planning your wedding that still ring true today? Share your own “timeless” wedding planning advice by commenting below!

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