For most adults, when we think about a birthday party, we think childhood memories. But who’s to say you need to give up having a great birthday party once you enter adulthood? In our opinion, the older you get is all the more reason to celebrate! Take a look at our best tips for throwing an awesome birthday party at any age.


Think of your guest list and what themes might get them most excited to come celebrate. A black and white affair, Gatsby-inspired, or even a backyard Hawaiian Luau are great ideas for an adult looking to host a memorable birthday party. Once you have a theme, other details like location, menu, decorations and entertainment will all fall into place. A good theme helps to set the tone for the entire party, from the invitation to the signature cocktail.

Atmosphere & Decor

Where you choose to celebrate and how you choose to decorate this space will have a huge impact on the overall feel of your party. If you want to keep it simple and throw your birthday bash in your home, make sure to rent some additional items like linens, chairs and dinnerware to make it feel like a special occasion. If you’re going to go big, consider celebrating outside under a tent. This will certainly add a “wow” factor and can coordinate with your event theme. The bottom line for atmosphere and décor is to think outside the box and dare to get creative. A little thought can go a long way toward making your party feel extra special.


Finally and most importantly, consider having some sort of entertainment to anchor the event. When guest arrive, they will be fully occupied with mixing and mingling. But after so long, they will need something extra to liven up the mood. This is the perfect opportunity to have a DJ or live band draw guests to the dance floor. An adult birthday party can still have a magician or comedian, too! Look for someone who can help you take things to the next level with entertainment that is unique and memorable.

Are you or someone you know celebrating a milestone birthday this year? Take some of these ideas and throw the best birthday yet! Let us know your ideas and inspiration by commenting below.

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