How to Throw an Awesome Kid’s Birthday Party

How to Throw an Awesome Kid’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday isn’t just a big milestone for them, it’s a moment worth celebrating for you, too. They are another year older, stronger and smarter. But planning a kid’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a stressful, over-the-top event that breaks the bank.

With the right touches of creativity and a little DIY work, you can throw an awesome party that will have your little one grinning from ear to ear. Take a look at a few of our expert party planning tips!

Pick a Theme

Having a themed birthday party is always a fun choice and allows you to get creative with the details while still keeping everything cohesive. Think of what your kid (and their friends) are really into. An obvious theme usually emerges quickly!

Carry your theme the whole way through from invitations to party décor to thank you notes. You can even get your guests involved by having a themed craft at the party that also serves as the party favor. Another great area to incorporate your theme is into the menu. Think of fun titles for each food. For example, a Mickey Mouse themed party might have some “Hot Diggity Dogs” and “Minnie Fruit Cups.” Make some creative signs to display near the food so guests can appreciate the creativity of your themed menu.

Games and Entertainment

An important detail to figure out when planning your kid’s birthday party is what type of games and entertainment you’ll have at the event. A few, age-appropriate games can really help to structure the event and keep your guests interested. Children’s birthday parties are usually only two hours. You can plan games and entertainment for the first hour and finish with food and refreshments during the second hour. Especially for young children, games are a great way to focus all that energy in a constructive way!

Finally, don’t forget about prizes to go with the games. Choose small prizes that go with your theme. For example, at a princess themed party you might give out plastic crowns or jewels. Kids always love prizes!

Fun Food

As with any party you host, food is a very important detail and people notice whether a menu is awesome or leaves something to be desired. For a kid’s birthday party, think finger foods that are easy to grab and eat on the go. Small wraps, fruit cups, pre-portioned snacks and individual “mini” pizzas are all great ideas! To make the party extra special, consider renting a popcorn machine or Sno-Kone maker. All you need is one menu item to make your guests go “wow” and your party will really stand out.

Be Thankful

To end your party with an exclamation point, be sure and show your guests how thankful you are to have had them there to celebrate with you. Create goodie bags filled with small gifts that guests can enjoy long after the party has ended. Things like stickers, stamps, fruit snacks and temporary tattoos are enjoyed by nearly all kids and can be themed to match your party.

Also, it’s good etiquette to follow-up with a thank you note to all your guests. Make these extra special by taking a group photo at the party and printing it as a photo card to use for your thank you notes. Guests will love seeing themselves at the party and will hang on to the photo much longer than they would a generic thank you card.

What other details do you think make a kid’s birthday party awesome? Share your tips with us by commenting below!

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  1. My son is turning five this summer and I want to start planning his birthday party. I like how you point out that picking a theme will help me have a better direction as I’m planning. I imagine that in addition to following the tips you give here, it would also be beneficial to enlist the help of a party planner. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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