Halloween friends

Halloween is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to throw together an awesome party for you and your adult friends. Sure, trick-or-treating is for kids, but you’re never too old to enjoy a night out with friends all dressed up in costume. Give your social circle a reason to celebrate this holiday by hosting your own Halloween bash. Here are some tips to get you started.


Send your guests a formal invitation – yes that means something more than just a Facebook invite! This will make the occasion feel special and personal; it’s also an opportunity to introduce the theme of your party early in the planning process. Most importantly, it makes guests take your party seriously and give you a timely RSVP. A small gesture like a mailed invitation can go a long way toward getting more people to your party.


Don’t rely on costumes alone to be the decorations at your party. Dress up your event space with some spirited themed décor. Black, orange, and green are great color choices to get you on the right track! Put “cob webs” around doorways, decorate your serving areas with pumpkins and fake spiders and of course have some fun by surprising your guests with a stuffed mummy or scarecrow in the guest bathroom. Be sure to spread out your decorations so that guests can enjoy the details from the time they arrive at your door until the final drink is served. Speaking of…

Food and Drinks

A Halloween party is a great occasion to get creative with your menu. Whether you plan to cater all of your dishes or ask for everyone to do a potluck, get festive with how you display your food. Add Halloween inspired names to each dish and place them on festive serving trays. Add some Halloween décor to the tablescape to really pull everything together. When it comes to your choices for adult beverages, pick creative names to introduce them like witch’s brew, swamp potion, or voodoo punch! You can also serve adult jello gummy worms or cut off lady fingers for a fun dessert.


Promote on your invitation that you will be awarding prizes to best costume winners including scariest costume, sexiest costume and best couple costume. For additional entertainment, you can have the most popular scary movies showcased throughout the party that guests can watch as they mix and mingle. And don’t forget about the Halloween themed music! If you have the space for it, create a scary maze or haunted house to offer up lots of thrills for your guests. Conclude the party with a great bonfire that everyone can gather around outside – if they dare to brave the dark!

Are you planning on hosting a Halloween Party this month or sometime in the future? Let us know your party planning ideas by leaving a comment!


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