How to Throw a Successful Launch Party

Whether you are a new startup company or an established company who wants to market a fresh brand, a successful launch party is one great way to promote your new business or product and reach your target audience.

Ready to plan a party that will have people spreading the word about your business? Take a look at these four key elements for throwing a successful launch party.

Location, Location, Location

The first step to planning a successful launch party is to carefully choose your location. The venue of your event sets the tone for your launch and needs to reflect your brand and style. Think outside the box here! The more your event feels like a “can’t miss” destination, the more you will get people talking about it.

Make your event convenient to where most of your target audience lives or hangs out. Are you trying to hit a younger crowd? An urban, downtown location is more likely to draw in that demographic. Don’t be afraid to use a space that isn’t a traditional event space. An old warehouse or rooftop deck delivers that “wow” factor. Don’t forget, any outdoor space can be made to feel fun and exclusive with the addition of a tent.

Invest in the right guests

Think of your guests as powerful brand ambassadors. You want people at your party who will take to social media and share your ideas and vision with their networks. Strategically invite people you know to be active and influential in the community and among their peers.

Your guests should also be potential customers who will not only spread the word about your business or product, but buy into it as well. Think about how you can comprise your guest list of people who make up your target audience. Then, be sure to treat your guests to a fabulous launch party that showcases not only your brand, but your hospitality and appreciation for them being there as well. Which brings us to our next point…

Make it fun

Let’s face it; nobody like to attend boring events. It’s a waste of a perfectly good evening that your guests would much rather spend elsewhere. So make it worth their time! You can set your launch party up for success by hiring a live band, DJ or some other form of talent to provide entertainment. Next, be sure to have good food – and enough of it! An open bar is another smart way to ensure guests come ready to have a good time, and stay a while.

Finally, don’t let your guests go home empty-handed! Prepare “swag bags” that include small gifts to showcase your brand. You don’t have to go overboard here! Free t-shirts, pens, decals and other promo items can fit within almost any budget, while leaving a last impression on your guests. If you want to give away just a few bigger prizes to build excitement throughout the evening, consider planning a few games or raffle drawings to get guests excited at key moments.

Follow up with your guests

One final piece to throwing a successful launch party is to follow up with your guests afterwards. As with all networking and brand building events, it’s a huge missed opportunity to host an event and forget to continue to engage these contacts in the future.

Don’t let the excitement of your party fade into the past! Capitalize on the momentum you’ve created and have a plan to reach out to attendees via email and social media. Ask them for feedback or encourage them to share some photos from the evening. Then, continue to periodically communicate with them to keep them updated as to what your business is doing next. Engagement is key for building loyal customers.

Have you planned or attended a launch party? Share with us what made it great or areas that could have used some improvement!

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