How to Seamlessly Blend DIY Décor With Professional Rentals

If you’re planning a wedding or any other special occasion this year (think birthday, backyard BBQ, graduation party or corporate event), you likely want to make it special while still looking professional. To achieve this, it takes a combination of DIY crafty projects and event rental items.

Once you determine what you want to tackle at home and what you want to outsource from a professional rental company, the next challenge is ensuring that the two different types of items still blend seamlessly together. Take a look some of our expert advice for achieving this cohesive look.

Use DIY décor and rental items in the same space

One of the best ways to avoid your DIY decorations starkly contrasting with your professional rental items, be sure to use them together in the same spaces. For example, your table settings can combine rented table cloths and napkins with handmade, rustic centerpieces. The clean, uniform linens will balance the “shabby chic” look of a DIY candelabra or some mason jars filled with votive candles.

Using only rented items for your ceremony and then having everything DIY at your reception will make it feel like two separate events instead of flowing together as one experience. Keep that in mind and aim for a nice balance of the two!

Use DIY items when you want to add personality

When you want something to feel custom created or you want to insert some of your personality into the event, DIY is a smart way to go. You can create the décor exactly to your specifications instead of being limited to select color, size and style options.

For example, if you’re looking for a very specific printed fabric to use as your table linens, you might not be able to find this as a standard rental, but you could find the fabric and lend your sewing skills (or call upon a friend’s) to create table cloths or table runners for your big event. Best of all, guests will definitely notice these special touches as being something more than standard or ordinary!

Use rental items when you want a streamlined and union look

To balance and blend your DIY items, it’s a great idea to also call upon the assistance of an event rental company to provide key items that you simply can’t make or wouldn’t want to buy. For example, 200+ chairs for a wedding are a worthy rental, as are tables and a tent.

Also, the cost to purchase enough silverware to serve all your guests would be astronomical compared to renting these items. Not to mention with rentals you get to enjoy the items, then send them back for someone else to worry about cleaning and storing. By renting items, you can also count on them to add a streamlined and unified look to your event space.

Know when renting items makes more sense!

Finally and most importantly, you want to be sure to know when it makes more sense to DIY and when you should ask for professional help. Some projects may seem doable, like sewing all your own chair covers, but when you get into the task, it can quickly cost eat up more of your time and budget than you had anticipated.

If you should run into a similar scenario with any of your DIY projects, don’t be afraid to call on the advice of a professional. An event rental company, like Event Central, is happy to jump in with solutions that will alleviate your DIY burdens while allowing you to spend your time on projects that will be most appreciate by your guests!

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