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Weddings and graduations make up a lot of our business, but we have also helped many local nonprofits and charities plan successful events to raise funds for their various causes. It’s a uniquely rewarding experience that has also allowed us to gain some insight into how to market a charity event to maximize attendance and as a result, funds raised.

Take a look at these four key opportunities to better promote your next nonprofit event!

Have a Clear Message

First and foremost, you want to be sure your event makes it easy for people to understand why you’re raising funds for a charitable cause. Be transparent with how the money will be used as well as your goal for how much you need to raise. Once you’ve established a clear message, this will also help you to choose a theme for your event and find the right keynote speaker, if you choose to have one.

Define Your Audience

Next, you need to know who is most likely to be interested in attending your event. Sure, you’d love for everyone to want to come, but that’s not realistic. Rather, you need to define your target audience and focus your marketing efforts on reaching this segment. If you have a younger audience, you’ll want to use email invitations and social media promotions. An older audience is better reached by traditional mail. Also, think about where your target audience spends their free time, this will lead you to the right spots to hang flyers.

Build a Connection

No matter the type of charity or nonprofit your event is supporting, you can find a way to build an emotional connection with your target audience. Try and put a face to the cause by including photos of the person or people who will benefit from the funds raised. Use these visuals on your invitations and on any promotions, whether on social media or on printed flyers. At your event, continue building this emotional connection by having guest speakers who can share inspiring stories with your guests.

Be Strategic About Follow-Up

After you’ve pulled off a successful event, there’s still more work to be done! Set yourself up for success for future year’s events by being strategic with your follow-up. Reach out to attendees with a note of thanks for their support and ask them to save the date for next year’s event, if you have one picked out. Add their emails to your contact list and stay in touch with them throughout the year. All of these efforts will help you continue to grow your event!

Are you planning an upcoming charity event? If so, did you find these tips helpful? Let us know by commenting below!

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