How to Plan a Magical Off-Season Wedding On a Budget

When it comes to weddings, everything is more expensive when it is at its height of popularity. But by opting for an off-season wedding (roughly November through April), you can often find great deals and more easily negotiate pricing with your vendors.

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, going with an off-season date may be a great fit for you! Here’s our expert advice on how to plan an off-season wedding while making it feel just as much – if not more magical than those popular summer wedding dates.


An outside venue is not completely out of the question for an off-season wedding. In Central PA, a November, March or April wedding can still yield mild weather that is ideal for a tent. By adding walls and a few space heaters, your guests will feel just as comfortable as if they were inside, but with a far better view!

Tent rental companies can offer you great deals and discounts during their off season. If you’d prefer a traditional, indoor venue, hotels are also willing to be flexible with pricing as they would rather have the space filled than have it sit empty for a weekend. If you’re open to a Friday night wedding date, that’s another way to cut your costs significantly!

Food and Drinks

Similar to your event rental vendors, catering companies can be flexible with their pricing as well if you hit them during a slow season. Keep in mind that any date around the holidays will not likely give you as much of a cost savings as they will have many parties to cater during this time. But if you steer clear of the holidays and hit a caterer when they really need the business, they are likely to work with you to stick to your budget.

Wedding Accessories

Right after the end of the popular wedding season (think end of October) you can score a ton of deals on discounted or gently used wedding accessories. Check with your local vendors to see if they’re selling anything off to make room for new inventory next year and also browse sites like Craigslist or OfferUp regularly to see if a bride is selling her used items. For something used for just one day, you can find beautiful, expensive accessories for a fraction of the cost if you’re willing to buy used!

With an off-season wedding, you may need to comprise a little, but the potential cost savings and benefit of making a small budget look big is well worth the extra effort!

Are you planning an off-season wedding on a budget? What piece of advice did you find most helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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