Your wedding is sure to be one of the most special days of your life – a day in which all eyes will undoubtedly be on you. This is all the more reason to want the details of your wedding ceremony and reception to reflect your personality.

Whether you’re celebrating in a ballroom, country club, under a tent or someplace completely unique, there is ample opportunity to insert your personal traits into the details. All it takes is some thought and creativity to make your day your own. Here are six expert tips to help get you started.

1. Identify the one or two elements of your personality you most want to reflect.

Your personality is defined by many different characteristics and traits, but not all of them need to be a part of your wedding. Instead, identify the one or two most important elements of your personality that lend themselves to also creating a spectacular wedding. How would those closest to you describe you? Maybe you are shy and romantic or maybe you are high energy and fun. Whatever those main elements are, keep them top of mind when making all of your wedding planning decisions.

2. Transform these traits into colors.

Once you’ve identified your top one or two personality traits that you want reflected in your wedding, it’s time to get creative with how they will come to life in the details. And color is one powerful way to do this! If you’re the shy romantic, reflect this in colors that are soft, muted warm tones like light pink, ivory and champagne. If you are high energy and fun, create a color scheme that is bold and bright with daring combinations like orchid and bright blue or freesia and beige (both combinations also happen to be right on trend for 2014).

3. Think outside the box.

When reflecting your personality in your wedding, you don’t at all have to be literal with your interpretation. Think outside the box! If a big part of who you are is your love for books, you don’t necessarily have to decorate your tables with stacks of novels (though you could and it could look fabulous). Instead, you could name your tables after your most favorite titles or incorporate excerpts into your wedding ceremony. Getting more creative – and less literal – will help you to subtly weave in elements of your personality without being cliché or overwhelming. For creative inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards.

Soft, muted colors reflect a calm and romantic personality.
Soft, muted colors reflect a calm and romantic personality.

4. Use all your senses.

What your guests see is only one way in which they will experience your wedding. Don’t forget to incorporate your personality into what they taste, hear, feel and smell. Create a menu filled with your most favorite foods, carefully choose music that reflects your style, incorporate different textures into your linens and other event rental items that complement the theme and use flowers, plants or fruits to scent the room.

5. Don’t overlook the small details.

You can make a big impression on your guests with the smallest details. Incorporating your personality can be as subtle as the font you use on your invitations and stationary or the way you have your napkins folded around your menu cards. These are those little touches that guests will personally see and touch – and often remember the most.

To reflect your love for the outdoors at your wedding, decorate with live greens and burlap fabric.
To reflect your love for the outdoors at your wedding, decorate with live greens and burlap fabric.

6. Finally, save room for the groom!

Finally (and most importantly), remember that while this is the biggest day of your life, it is also the biggest day of someone else’s life. Your spouse’s! Let them be a part of the planning and choose the elements of their personality that they would like incorporated into the wedding. Opposites do attract, so you both may need to comprise at times, but alas, isn’t that what marriage is all about?

What aspects of your personality do you hope to insert into your big day? Share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below!

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