Tis the season for holiday parties! Big, small, elaborate or intimate – no party is the same. So how do you make your holiday party stand out among the rest? The key is to incorporate creative decorations, fun activities and a crowd-pleasing menu to ensure your guests will be talking about all the fun they had long after the New Year.

Here are 7 expert tips for throwing your best holiday party yet!

  1. Pick a theme.

When planning a holiday party, it might seem obvious that the theme will be…well, the holidays. Dare to think outside the box and incorporate a more specific holiday theme than simply red and green. Think of your favorite holiday movie, song or book and bring it to life with your decorations and menu.

  1. Choose a menu that pleases everyone.

Speaking of menu, keep in mind that while it is your event, not everyone shares your taste. Strike a balance of light and heavy foods, vegetarian options and any other diet your guests may need to accommodate. Not only will this show you care about your guests, but it will also help them to enjoy your holiday party even more!

  1. Make it classy.

Holiday parties don’t need to be black tie occasions, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add classy elements here and there. Opt for cloth table linens in festive colors and patterns and pull out the real silverware rather than making your guests eat with paper and plastic. If you don’t have the inventory to meet the size of your party, we do! Renting linens, tables, chairs and dinnerware is a cost-effective way to wow your guests without having to worry about where you’ll store everything until next year’s party.

  1. Plan a few activities.

Eating, drinking and talking is plenty fun, but after a while guests will be looking for something else to do. Keep the party going all night by throwing in some fun activities or games every so often. Pinterest is full of a ton of fun party games for guests of all ages. At the beginning of your party, this will help to break the ice and throughout the night it will keep guests guessing as to what you have planned next.

  1. Balance the guest list.

The best holiday parties are the ones where guests mix, mingle and enjoy each other’s company. The key to achieving this is to invite a good blend of personalities. Variety is the spice of life – and friendship! Don’t be afraid to invite friends of different ages, demographics and interests. You’ll be surprised by the different topics that connect people.

  1. Be present.

As the host, you’ll have many responsibilities before, during and after the event. But don’t forget that this occasion should be fun for you as well! If you spend all your time in the kitchen preparing food or cleaning up, you’ll have little time left for engaging with your guests. Do as much as you can ahead of time, or ask for help so that you have the opportunity to enjoy all your hard work.

  1. Send off your guests with party favors!

Finally, end your party with a grand send-off that includes a small party favor for your guests. Give them something they can immediately enjoy (like cookies, a small bottle of wine or chocolate covered strawberries) or a homemade Christmas decoration they can place in their homes. This thoughtful gesture will show them that you appreciate their company and give them something to remember your party by.

What other tips and tricks have you used to make your holiday party stand out? Share by commenting below!

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  1. You have some great tips for throwing a fantastic holiday party! I really like the fourth tip, about planning activities. Personally, I don’t think it’s a party without a few fun party games, so I totally agree with you.

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