How to Make Your Fall Wedding Stand Out

To you, your wedding is the most important day of your life. But to family and friends, they will play the role as a guest, which they will likely do countless times throughout their lives.

So how can you make your wedding stand out among all the other nuptials your guests are sure to attend? If you’re planning a fall wedding, you already have a ton of opportunities to make your day stand out by incorporating seasonal décor that will make it different from any other season. But to take things one step further, we want to offer you some out-of-the-box advice that is sure to “wow” your guests and have them sharing the experience of your wedding with everyone they know! Take a look…

Pick a different day of the week

If you decide to plan your wedding on a day of the week other than Saturday, there can certainly be scheduling challenges, but there are also a ton of benefits. You will likely be able to snag that highly sought after or pricey wedding venue that wouldn’t have worked for you on a Saturday. Most venues will discount their fees for a weekday or Sunday wedding.

Now with your dream venue, your will wedding will also stand out because it’s not just another Saturday ceremony that will blend together with all the others your guests may attend this year. Making arrangements to travel into town for a Friday or Sunday wedding will ensure your guests don’t put your date on auto-pilot. They may also benefit from cheaper hotel rooms and less traffic.

Serve pre-reception cocktails

Most guests expect the party to start after the ceremony, so take this opportunity to change things up a bit with a pre-reception cocktail that is served to guests as they arrive. A light and refreshing beverage will add an extra shot of excitement (figuratively and literally) to your vows. When guests move on to the reception, they will be ready to get the party started!

Dare to wear a colorful dress for your reception

Some brides choose a non-white wedding dress to wear for their ceremony as well as their reception which really makes for a memorable impact. If you want to stick to the tradition of white on your wedding day, consider switching into a different dress for your reception. This “party” dress can break all the rules! Make it fun, colorful or more casual. Feeling comfortable and confident will ensure you are ready to dance the night away with family and friends!

Take the indoors outside

A fall wedding is a great occasion to blend elements of the indoors with the outdoors. If you’re getting married in the early part of the season when the weather will still be warm, you can have an outdoor wedding among the beautiful scenery of the changing leaves. Keep in mind, you don’t need to forgo the comforts of an indoor space by taking your wedding into the great outdoors. Rent some key pieces of comfortable furniture, like antique couches and chairs. This outdoor lounge will invite guests to get comfortable and stay a while. Plus it makes for some fantastic wedding photos!

Invite some furry or feathered friends

Incorporating animals into your wedding can be a bold and daring venture. But if you’re careful about how you do it – and open to some mishaps and bloopers – you can really add a “wow” factor that guests won’t forget.

Many people choose to make the family pet part of the ceremony, but we suggest going one step further with inviting some animals to stay for the reception and be a part of the experience. Fall is the perfect time to plan an outdoor farm wedding. Open up the hen house and let the chickens roam the lawn with guests during the cocktail hour! A safer, but still fun option is to have a few antique bird cages within your venue with some love birds inside. Or maybe some well-mannered family dogs could soften the mood and add a touch of personality to the party as they snuggle up at the feet of guests.

The key is to know the animals and keep both their best interests and your guests’ best interests in mind. Friendly and docile animals that you know and trust will reduce the chance that this wedding detail will backfire!

Give out favors that will last

So often, wedding favors are trinkets that don’t really get guests excited. Avoid the temptation to put your name and wedding date on everything – this won’t have the same meaning to your guests years from now. Instead, give guests something that is both useful and indulgent – and that will last! Monogrammed beer cozies, a jar of candies or a framed photo of you may seem nice in the moment (and are budget friendly), but are often left behind by guests who don’t really have a use for such things. In the end, it’s actually a big waste of money!

Instead, invest a little more money and creativity into finding a local vendor who will make your guests a signature candle, bar of soap or artistic craft that showcases local talent while giving guests something they will surely not forget to take with them. With budget in mind, consider giving out one gift per couple for them to enjoy together. This will cut your costs in half and allow you to spend more on quality items.

End the night with an unforgettable exit

Finally, end your special day with a sendoff that no one will forget! Light up the fall night by giving each guest a votive candle and asking them to join you on a “parade” to your getaway car. To really add in a fall flare, place the votive candles in tiny pumpkins for guests to carry.

If you plan to have a live band, make the last song of the night a grand exist from the dance floor to outside where guests can all wish their farewells to the happy couple. Or light up the night sky with a few fireworks in the same colors as your wedding decor. Though guests may be sad the party is over, you will give them a reason to smile all the way home!

Are you planning a fall wedding either this year or next? Share your ideas or questions and one of our friendly wedding planning experts would be happy to weigh in!


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  1. I know wedding favors are getting outdated, but I still love them. I want the guests at my wedding to enjoy it and have something to remember the night with. I like your candle idea. I think I’ll also stop by a party store and get sunglasses for the favors. Thanks.

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