How to Make Your Budget Wedding Feel Expensive

Planning a wedding on a budget will likely be among the most challenging tasks you’ll face. It’s hard to have to restrict your spending when nearly every decision you make is an emotional one. But for the sake of starting your marriage off on the right track, planning a budget – and sticking to it – is so important!

So how do you make your big day feel less like it’s on a budget and more like it’s one of those high-end celebrations you see in a magazine? We have some expert tips to help you with exactly that!

Keep it simple!

First, keep your wedding details simple. Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand, plus the most “stuff” you add to your wedding, the more you’re also adding to your budget. With some creative centerpieces, simple white linens can look just as stunning as more expensive colors and patterns. Make the most of your budget while achieving an expensive look by sticking to details that are simple and timeless.

Don’t fall victim to tradition

Just because it’s tradition to have flowers as your centerpieces, don’t let this outdated notion limit you…or your budget! If you want only candles and vases at the center of your tables, go for it! Be smart and save money in areas where you really don’t mind cutting back. Then reinvest this into another part of your budget that will have a far great impact…like your rental items.

Invest some sweat equity

There are many opportunities to DIY when it comes to planning your wedding. Your reception décor is one obvious area. Browse Pinterest and keep track of all the ideas that strike you. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save by getting crafty. Best of all, these special touches will help to make your wedding look and feel expensive for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do it for you.

Make the most of FREE details

Finally, focus on the aspects of your wedding that won’t cost you a dime and then really make these details stand out. For example, choreograph a special dance for you and your bridal party to “wow” the guests with as you enter your reception. Your family and friends won’t likely remember the color of your napkins, but they will remember how fun and festive your wedding was. Look for opportunities to insert your personality…at no extra charge!

What piece of advice is your favorite? Or do you have something else to share? Leave a comment below!

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  1. These are great ideas, especially the final thought of doing a special dance. I include such ideas within my entertainment planners as well and have created the medley that people do really fun dances too. And, that service is included within my Grand, Legendary and Moon packages.

    It’s always a pleasure working with Event Central to make good parties great.

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