How to Make Your Black and White Wedding Still Feel Vibrant

When planning your special day, one of the first details to choose is your color scheme. This can sometimes be an overwhelming decision. One simple and elegant choice is to have a black and white wedding!  If you decide to embrace this classic and timeless color theme, here are some ways to still make sure your big day looks and feels vibrant.

Add a hint of one more color to your décor

A great way to add that extra pizazz to your black and white wedding, is to add in a pop of one additional color to complement the black and white. Using a pop of a bright, bold color, like red and or pink, will enhance the classic look of your black and white décor while adding visual interest. Even more, having that special splash of color can be a great way to insert a hint of your personality into an otherwise traditional and expected color palette.

Use more white than black (or vice versa) to make one color “pop”
As guests are sometimes told to do at the beginning of a wedding ceremony…“Pick a side!” This advice rings true to your color scheme as well. An expert decorating trick to use when planning the details of your black and white wedding is to choose either black or white, and let that take the primary focus over the other, instead of trying to balance them both equally.

Pick one element to be the “wow factor” at your reception

There are so many details vying for your attention when it comes to planning your big day.  So when you’re going with the simple elegance of a black and white wedding, try choosing just one element to make a bold statement.  For example, you can choose to have your centerpieces be a key element or maybe it’s an over the top wedding cake. Rather than doing both…and more…pick one grand element to showcase your black and white color scheme and make it one your guests can’t miss!

Go beyond color to add vibrancy with music, food and scents

Instead of letting just the visual impact of your colors set the mood for your wedding day, engage all the senses! One way to do this is to decorate your venue with flowers and candles to bring in fragrance. Also, focus on the food you will serve throughout your special occasion, as this can leave a big impression on your guests’ sense of taste. Make it spicy or sweet to add flare to a black and white wedding! Finally, you can choose an upbeat and energetic playlist for your music to kick the party up a notch and make “black and white” feel anything but old fashioned.

Are you considering a black and white wedding theme? What piece of advice in this article did you find most helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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