How to Make Your Backyard Graduation Party Awesome

With graduation season now upon us, there is no better time to also start thinking about your plans to celebrate! A backyard graduation party is a popular and cost effective idea for a graduation party. It offers the convenience of being right at your home, while creating a casual and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

As long as you have a decent sized yard, a little imagination, and the right party supplies, you will have no trouble pulling off a fun backyard graduation party! Here are some ways to make your celebration really stand out!

DIY Décor

You’ll want to make sure your yard feels festive and welcoming to your guests and you can achieve this through some DIY touches that make it feel like more than just an ordinary outdoor space. A great way to accomplish unique and personalized décor at your backyard party is to tap into your creative spirit and make some decorations by hand! Sticking with the theme of graduation, incorporate your school colors into your décor. Make your own floral table centerpieces that also show off your school spirit. Or instead of flowers on your tables, you can display photos from your time as an undergrad in a variety of creative ways. Be sure to check out Pinterest for endless inspiration!

Food Choices

With an open house style party, a buffet table stocked with plenty of finger foods is a fool-proof plan for your party menu. A buffet style table will prevent you from being stationed at a grill or housed away in the kitchen, allowing you to be free to mingle with guests – and enjoy the food too! The open house format allows for your guests to grab food as they come and go, rather than waiting on a formal meal time.

Sweet Treats

When you think of a traditional graduation party, there is almost always a sheet cake that hardly gets touched. Think outside the box when planning your dessert menu and opt for a variety of small desserts that guests can sample. Mini cupcakes, petite cookies and small portions of dessert bars are all great choices. Better yet, feature a make-your-own sundae station! Small portions, or portions your guests can control will reduce waste and encourage people to try a sample of everything.

Create a photo booth and a unique hashtag

We live in a digital age where taking photos and sharing them on social media is part of our daily routine. For a special occasion like a graduation party, you want to encourage guests to snap pictures and share them so you can enjoy in the memory through their eyes. Consider making a DIY photo booth to set the perfect backdrop for capturing memories from your graduation party. You can also create a unique hashtag so that all those selfies and other pictures can be easily found in one place on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you list the hashtag you want guests to use on a big poster board near your photo booth or anywhere else people are likely to take photos.

Are you planning a backyard graduation party? What piece of advice in this article did you find most helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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