Businessman dressed in suit and shorts working with laptop on the sunbed at the beachBusiness events can be awkward and boring, leaving guests waiting for the right opportunity to high tail it out of there. But with a little thought and creativity, you can add elements of fun to your next networking mixer, employee training workshop or company seminar that makes it a memorable experience that people look forward to attending again. Take a look at a few ways you can up the “fun factor” at your next business event!


Games are a great way to engage your audience and help break the ice. One popular option is to have a raffle with drawings throughout the event. When guests enter, you can give them so many tickets in exchange for a business card or their contact information. Have small prizes and randomly draw tickets at different intervals to add a burst of excitement and keep people entertained from start to finish. You can also have guests play traditional games like BINGO or Pictionary, depending upon the size of your group. An event with games makes people feel relaxed and welcomed.


What better to get guests excited for your event than some delicious treats? Not only will a snack help perk up guests’ energy levels, it also serves as a form of entertainment and an ice breaker. But don’t lay out a boring veggie tray and hope for the best, put the effort into providing something really special. You can rent old fashioned popcorn machines, Sno-Kone machines and a cotton candy maker. These options are as delicious as they are nostalgic. It will also set the tone for a fun and casual event.


Having a photo booth at your business event not only offers a fun activity, but also helps facilitate mixing and mingling. By encouraging guests to cut loose and get a little goofy for a photo, you help bring people outside their comfort zone. Another perk of having a photo booth is that as attendees take photos, you can encourage them to share them on social media with a unique hashtag for your event. This is free promotion that showcases your fun company culture.

Are you planning an upcoming business event? If so, did you like these ideas to incorporate fun into your event? Let us know some other ideas you have by commenting below!

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