It’s the week of Thanksgiving and maybe you’re excited or maybe you’re feeling a little bit stressed about all the planning that still needs to take place. Whether you’re hosting or attending Thanksgiving at someone else’s house, there are definitely elements that can make the get-together a bit uncomfortable.

Take the stress off both your hosts and your guests both following our event planning advice for pulling off the best family Thanksgiving yet! Take a look…

Make it an all-day celebration

Your guests are likely to all have slightly different schedules for the day, especially if they plan to see other families or have to work. Keep your schedule flexible by planning an all-day celebration that includes various activities like a light brunch, watching football/parades, playing football outside and of course the main meal. You can even throw in a family movie after dinner. With all of these activities, guests will feel welcome stop by whenever they can and for as long as they can!

Let everyone play a role

Next, help your guests feel involved in the celebration by asking them to bring an item or drink. It can be awkward to arrive at someone’s house empty-handed and to be unsure as to how to help. Even if you really don’t think you need anything, let someone bring a signature item so they feel like they were able to contribute to the day.

Start a new tradition

Make your Thanksgiving extra memorable by starting your very own family tradition that you can carry on for years to come. Maybe this is a game of flag football, a walk around the neighborhood or pajamas and a movie after Thanksgiving dinner. No matter what you choose, guests will be sure to look forward to it each year and plan their visit around it.

Think through your seating

Make everyone feel extra welcomed with an assigned seat next to people they know and feel comfortable with. There’s nothing worse than a family celebration where you’re seated next to a distant relative you hardly know or have anything in common with. Prevent this awkward moment by thinking through your seating arrangement and making sure you have enough seats for everyone to sit and mingle comfortably!

Focus on family

Finally and most importantly, don’t get so caught up in the minor details of the day that you forget about what the holiday symbolizes. Give thanks for the everyday blessings you have, including your friends and family. Your guests won’t notice if every napkin is folded just right, so don’t stress about these details and relax a little while making memories with your loved ones!

What tips do you have for hosting the best family Thanksgiving yet? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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