The decorations and design of your table sets the mood for your entire meal – and the fun and festivities to follow. You can really make your guests feel special by inserting creative and meaningful details into each place setting. Best of all, there are no limits! Design a tablescape that reflects your personality and the personality of your special event. Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Think about the menu

The most essential and important elements of your tablescape are the plates and utensils. While all the other decorations will help make things look nice, your guests will be most pleased with having all the tools they need to enjoy the meal. Think about your menu. In addition to the basics, you may also need steak knives, soup spoons and dessert forks. A fancier meal calls for more plates and silverware, or if you’re keeping it casual you can have guests reuse their utensils for different courses.

2. Use both high and low elements

Give your table interest by including centerpieces of different heights. This will draw the eye up and down while still allowing your guests to see and talk to each other. Tall vases, candelabras or items stacked on each other can create the high elements. Candles, mason jars or small bud vases can create the low elements. Together, the high and low features of your table will create balance and flow.

3. Blend together a mixture of textures

Even if you are choosing to use a single color for your tablescape, you can still mix things up by blending together different textures. Select items with both shiny and matte finishes. Use different materials or patterns for your tablecloth and napkins. The various textures will help each element to stand out and keep things exciting.

4. Think beyond the table

Your tablescape spans beyond the table in front of you. Consider adding decorative elements to your chairs, ceiling or walls. Depending upon the venue, you can get really creative with what you hang over the tables like lighting features or even flowers. The types of chairs you select can also have a big impact on the overall feel of your tablescape, from fancy and formal to vintage and casual.

5. Use layers

Layering your linens or plates is a great way to add that “wow” factor to your table. Use several different tablecloths in various patterns or add a punch of color with a charger plate. You can also layer sheer or glass elements to accent a design without covering it up.

A beautiful tablescape will set the tone for your whole event and give guests the "wow" factor.
A sheer layer of material over the tablecloth adds ethereal elegance to the tables.

6. Make each placing setting special

Make your guests feel extra special by giving them a completely unique place setting from all the rest. Even within the same color scheme, things don’t need to be identical. Use a different combination of plates, utensils, napkins and chairs. This will create a fun and eclectic look, plus your guests will enjoy the individualized attention you put into creating their dining space.

7. Use dessert or favors as part of the decoration

Give your guests something to enjoy as soon as they sit down. Place a small snack, dessert or favor on the table and use it as part of the tablescape. A dessert can go under a small glass dome to tempt your guests and get them excited for the meal to come. Or place a mini champagne bottle by each place setting as your favor that guests can crack open right away.

6. Less can be more

While we are talking about adding in all of these different elements, textures and layers, keep in mind that less can be more for your table. After all, you do want to leave room for guests to comfortably enjoy their food and each other. Consider picking just one or two of these techniques and doing them exceptionally well!

What other creative ideas have you seen for creating an awesome tablescape? Share your tips and tricks by commenting below!

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