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How to Capture Outdoor Wedding Photos in the Winter

If you’re planning to have a winter wedding or host another special occasion where you will want to capture some outdoor photos, you run the risk of your guests giving you the cold shoulder for such an idea – literally. Without a proper game plan, the wintery weather can cause a whole host of problems, possibly causing you to miss the magical moment of a snowy sunset photograph.

Take a look at our expert tips for keeping your guests warm and happy while ensuring you capture the photographs you had envisioned. After all, you don’t get a second shot to live in the moment!

Have a plan

Before you head out into the rain, snow, sleet or cold temperatures, it’s important to first have a plan! Line up what photos you what and who should be in each one. Try and group together photos that require the same people so they can get them all done at once without waiting around. For those who aren’t needed in a photo at any particular time, let them wait inside and enjoy the warmth! Having a plan is important for not only keeping everyone happy, but also for capturing the best photos possible.

Dress the part

When selecting your wedding party’s attire, think about the season and weather! Choose long dresses for your bridesmaids and consider gifting them a wrap or faux fur shrug to wear as part of your photos. For the groomsmen, put them in winter suits or tuxedos that are seasonally appropriate. If it fits your vision, consider letting them wear overcoats in matching colors (most likely black) for the photos. Not only will everyone look great, they will also be warm and toasty while they smile for your outdoor snapshots.

Use props

For your winter wedding photos, don’t be afraid to get creative – and even a little goofy – with your props. Colorful mittens, matching scarves or mugs of hot cocoa are fun ways to add personality to your photos while also adding some real-life warmth.

Take breaks

When any particular member of your wedding party is not needed for a photo, let them wait where it’s warm! If your photo location isn’t exactly convenient to an indoor spot, consider renting a heater or building a small fire where guests can stay toasty. An easy option is to also keep a few cars parked close by with the heat on for guests to jump in and out of when they are needed.

Work quickly

This is a tip for your photographer as much as it is for you and your wedding party. Work quickly! Since you have a plan, it should be easy to get the right people positioned just as you have envisioned. Don’t waste time fussing over who goes where while you’re waiting in the cold. Work as a team to get in the right spots, strike a fierce pose and nail the shot. With the incentive of getting back inside sooner, it should be no problem to keep everyone focused on the mission.

Capture as many shots as possible

Finally, be sure to instruct your wedding photographer to capture as many shots as possible in rapid-fire succession. Waiting for everyone to look at the camera and smile perfectly will not only take longer, it will also likely result in too few photos that don’t capture the shot you had envisioned. Go ahead and snap away! The benefit of digital cameras is it doesn’t cost you anything extra to examine the photo and discard if not perfect. You’ll be happy to have more than enough to choose from so you don’t have to go back out in the cold and try to recreate it again!

Are you planning a winter wedding or other event that will require to capture outdoor photos in the elements? Ask a question and one of our event experts will be happy to answer!

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