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Occasionally I get asked when I got started in the business.  It was May 15, 1987  that we cut the ribbon for the opening of  Taylor Rental Franchise in Camp Hill.

At the time we had a mix of home owner equipment, contractor tools, and party goods, each about 1/3 of our overall inventory. The party inventory started out as a 3 frame tents, and 5 Over The Counter Canopies, 3 size tables for a total quantity of 50, and a few hundred Brown Chairs. Add to that a few fountains, Table Service for 150, and we were in the party rental business.










In 1998, we opened a Harrisburg outlet of Party Central Rentals on Paxton St  and later closed down the Taylor Rental Franchise so we could put our exclusive attention to party.








We ultimately rebranded the company to Event Central and relocated to our present location on 665 Independence Ave, Mechanicsburg, PA.messiah-homecoming-1b

It seems like yesterday I was renting small tents, trenchers and tillers to the homeowners of the West Shore, many of whom continue to be steady customers 22 years later.


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