In November 2008  Hotel Hershey contacted us to discuss tenting for their contruction project.  With the main entrance being torn away for rebuilding, the requirement was for a new temporary entrance.  It would be needed from the end of November till the renovations were completed early summer.  We held an onsite meeting to discuss tenting possibilities that could withstand the winter cold and winds, as well as make a positive impression on Hotel clients as they approached the now missing main entrance.

Temporary Porte Cochere
What we came up with was a separate structure large enough for 2 lanes of cars to drive through, allowing the Bellstaff to greet guests out of the weather.  From there guests will be guided down a 150-foot marquee, entering the building at a temporary entrance which accesses the Lobby.  From the time of the call till installation was just 30 days.  The color selected was a beautiful green which gave guests a very warm feeling as they entered the complex.  The tent was custom-designed and manufacturedin the Mid-Atlantic area.

Check out the finished product.  It is expected to be used until the completion of renovations in Summer 2009.

More Pictures

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