In spite of a severe weather event taking out more than 50 trees around the Hotel Hershey, our tents rode out the storm with nary a scratch. The storm which blew through Dauphin County seemed to concentrate its energy on the Hershey area.  PPL reported the storm caused power outages for over 11,000 people. According to the NOAA report issued Friday night,  the weather event was listed as a Microburst with winds reported at 50 to 70 MPH.  The report stated over 100 trees were affected in the surrounding area.

NOAA FAQ - What is a Microburst
NOAA FAQ – What is a Microburst

Photo credit The Patriot News

Event Central installed 50′ x 75′ and 30′ x 75′ Olympic Maxi Tents on Wednesday for an event being held Thursday on the grounds of the Hotel.  The storm hit the Hershey area at approximately 5:00 AM Friday,  2 hours before the tents were scheduled to be dismantled by our crew of 5.

At 7 am, our crew met with the Hotel’s Senior Engineer who was surveying the property. The storm uprooted, topped or totally destroyed over 50 trees in and around the Hotel. He was surprised at how well our tent stood up to a storm of that magnitude. 

As a result of the storm, we were called upon to provide rentals to replace two privately owned tents that had been completely destroyed at Hershey Park Stadium, less than a mile away from our tent on Hotel property.

50 x 75 Olympic Maxi tent at the Hotel
50 x 75 Olympic Maxi tent at the Hotel
The wind was reported to be between 50 and 70 MPH
The wind was reported to be between 50 and 70 MPH

Event Central uses only the best quality American-made tents.  Each tent style and size is backed up by manufacturers’ engineering and product liability insurance. Every day we receive vendor solicitations via email, suggesting we purchase tents from emerging tent manufacturers importing goods from China, offering tents for as little as 50 cents on the dollar. Our policy at Event Central is to provide tried and true tent products, supported by quality engineering and support.

To insure a safe venue for your next event, prepare a weather emergency plan and designate an individual to be the decision-maker, should a severe storm be forecast.  Click on this link for a step-by-step tool to complete your event emergency plan.

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  1. The storms that went through affected a lot of people for Ohio to the East Coast. It is stories of this nature that make you proud of companies that take the necessary steps to anchor a tent for the worst of conditions and have them go through storms of this nature without a problem. Hail to your crew as well for a job well done!

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