When the Harrisburg Hilton contacted us to rent a warehousing tent for the delivery of new furniture for the Hotel Room Renovation, it seemed like a routine winter rental. While installing the tent , the Facilities Engineer for the Hilton talked about the refrigerators they were throwing away. While EC had no interest, we contacted the Executive Director at Mission Central of Mechanicsburg, who gladly accepted the donation of 50 refrigerators.

Three employees from EC led by Dale Warren volunteered an afternoon to drive 2 trucks, and transport the refrigerators to Mission Central’s Warehouse.

Mission Central is a central collection and distribution

point for donated products from the Central PA area. Their goods are donated through the kindness of Individuals, Businesses and Churches in the area. They have sent medical supplies, educational supplies, and daily living supplies and equipment to destinations such as Africa, Argentina, Kenya, Belarus, and other areas where the needs are great. Our work in disaster response has provided aid for people affected by every major weather event since 2003.



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