thompsonThe Pennsylvania Farm Show is a beehive of activity as the facility staff and specialty sealvendors are busy getting ready for Monday’s Inaugural event.  In an event of this magnitude, Event Central coordinates with the facility management and specialty vendors to make the installation and take down seamless for all involved.  Our work was preceeded by Rileighs Convention Service who installed a wooden stage with custom carpet.  When we were finished, our work was followed by My Wife’s Sound who installed the lighting and sound for the event. 

One of Event Central’s rentals for this event is the installation of a 28′ x 27′ dance floor for use by all attending guests and over 5 local bands. The Inaugural Event will be held at the PA Farm Show Complex  and will be packed full of entertainment, great food and an extraordinary crowd.


Take down for the event is scheduled for 11:00 pm on Monday night, to enable the Farm Show to reclaim the space in order to complete their setup for the annual Farm Show.

For a complete list of Linda Thompson’s Inaugural events, click here. 

Winter Inaugurations are not new to this company.  

Following his election, PA Governor Tom Ridge  held his Inauguration events throughout Central PA.

His ceremony was held at the Capital Complex in 1995 where we provided the main tent and reviewing stand, centered and overlooking the fountain complex.

The 20 wide open Gable tent over hung the custom made podium overlooking the fountain
The same 50' x 20' tent provided seating for the Governers Staff to the rear of the podium

Later that day, the Inaugural Ball was held at Founders Hall, a venue which was quickly determined to be undersized for the number of people who responded to the invitation.  We came to their aid by providing a climate-controlled tent with connecting marquee to handle an additional capacity of 500 guests at the front entrance of the hall.  The installation took a non-stop 36 hours to install, including flooring, carpet, heat and lighting.


Covered Walkway from founders hall, down steps
85 foot covered walkway from Founders Hall Rotunda to base of steps - Main Tent
Overflow Tents 40' x 80' and 30' x 80' side by side but separated by a row of trees Note: We were known as Taylor Rental of Camp Hill at that time!

No matter how large or small, events like these are a big deal to us. Not only because of the amount of items being handled, but because of the great degree of meaning the event has to the people attending, and the community surrounding us. Although these events relate to each other closely, each is complex due to the timing, coordination and restrictions imposed by the venue. Each year as we complete jobs such as these, we are able to add much more experience and growth to our business. 

Written by Andy Mattrick

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