The Best Wedding and Event Planning Advice for Our Gentlemen

So you found your soul mate, the one with whom you want to share in the rest of your life. You finally took that leap of faith, popped the question and said yes!

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your lives, but it can also get stressful with all the planning and decisions that go into making your nuptials a day to remember.

Your bride-to-be probably already has a vision of what your wedding day will look like, but remember, this day is about the celebration of you two coming together as one.

Traditionally it can be thought that only the bride does the wedding planning, but don’t let that spoil your fun. Guys, you can (and SHOULD) get involved in some of the many wedding and reception planning! You might surprise yourself with just how fun and fulfilling the process can be when you work together.

Show that you are interested in helping

Now that you’re engaged, your focus has shifted to anticipating your big day. Maybe you’re imagining how all the details will come together – or how much it will cost. This is the perfect time to express your interest in lending a hand. Not only will this gesture score you some big points with the fiance, it will also ensure you get a say in what’s going on.

Set aside time together before you dive into the wedding planning process to first figure out what tasks you would like to help with. Then treat it like a partnership! Set aside time each month to get together as a couple and go over your progress in the planning, ask for input and alleviate stress either of you might be feeling.

Be a team player

Remember your wedding is about the two of you becoming one, so now is the time to show you’re committed to doing your part in the planning process. A great way to feel like equals is to write down all the upcoming wedding tasks you have to accomplish and prioritize them 1 through 10 (1 being an easy task and 10 being the most difficult).

You can then add up the total numbers your tasks equal and then divide that number in half. Now you each can pick what tasks you’re comfortable tackling individually  and add those tasks’ numbers together. You should both have equal task totals so you can feel like you’re both carrying an equal load.

Take the lead on a task that clearly falls in your area of expertise

A great way to participate in planning your special day is by lending your knowledge and area of expertise.  Maybe you’re great with money and numbers, so you could take charge of making sure you two stick to your budget. Or maybe you’re a talented cook. You can get involved with the catering vendors and help narrow down your food choices for your reception.

Another obvious area where you can help (at the very least) is by managing your groomsmen, picking out your attire and coordinating their logistics. We promise, your bride will be very grateful that she doesn’t have this tacked on her to do list!

Simply ask, “How can I help?”

Finally, you can show your sincerity and willingness to help by asking your fiance what you can do to help alleviate any of the wedding planning stress. If she says “I don’t know “ or if she isn’t great at delegating tasks, this is where you can ask what is on her to-do list.

Simply offering to help, even if she doesn’t assign you any big tasks, is a gesture that will be well noted and appreciated not only by your bride but by everyone else who is helping her plan the wedding. If you see that she is feeling overwhelmed, look for ways to show you care and support her. A cup of coffee, bouquet of flowers or kind words of encouragement will show you really are her prince charming!

Are you a guy who is trying to navigate the wedding planning process? Share your personal experience or any questions you might have by commenting below!

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