Google Maps Street View Camera Car
Google Maps Street View Camera Car

Today Google Maps sent in a Google Streets Photo Team to create a virtual tour of Event Central. Google Maps developed this new service to allow their search to reach beyond the street level on the Google Map view.

Before this,  when you look at a Google Map, the best view was what the camera mounted on Google’s van could shoot from the street.  If you were lucky, they would catch your sign. With this enhancement the view will be able to take a virtual walk through the front door and see all the company has to offer.

Touring a party rental store is one of the best ways for new customers to determine if the store has the capacity to deliver the services that are promised. Since most customers book large events by phone and internet,  this allows them to reach into our walls, and see the capabilities that make us different such as indoor tent drying; commercial dish washing, as well as the cleanliness and organization of the warehouse.

During our photo shoot, Google selected about 25 tripod viewpoints.

Tripod & 360 Wide Angle Camera
Tripod & 360 Wide Angle Camera

Viewpoint planning (from Google’s specifications)

Basic viewpoint requirements (a viewpoints is a single placement of the tripod and the capture of 360 degree panoramic images)
  • Google’s base shoot requirements are for two capture viewpoints outside the main entrance (10 feet and 4 feet) and one 4 feet inside the main entrance, plus two more inside at 15 feet increments. Exceptions can be made if the facility does not have an exterior storefront (such as mall stores, non­ground floor businesses, or shared­space businesses)
  • All additional capture viewpoints can be inside or outside but must be within 15 feet of an adjacent viewpoint
  • Viewpoints cannot exceed 15 feet apart (5 ­ 6 paces)
  • Viewpoints must follow a clear unobstructed walk­path, meaning they cannot pass through objects, walls, floors, etc.

We are excited to open our doors to the Google Map system.  Event Central strives to run a very transparent business where the promises made at the front end can be supported at every level of delivery so we can continue to build a record of positive service reviews and referrals from our happy customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our experience with Google Maps, please leave a comment below.  (You will be able to leave an email address that we can respond to which will not be visible to the public)

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