Gettysburg College commencement chair setup in May 2008 was heavy rain for all 6 hours giving the 14 of us the incentive to work through lunch.  You see, if you stop when you are wet, your body stops producing he warmth to keep you comfortable, and warmth is produced by shivering, making it hard to recover. 


This year, to our delight we had a wonderfully sunny 74 degree day.  While grabbing lunch we sat up on the top of the steps at Pennsylvania Hall a gent with a floppy hat and camera came up the steps and was snapping shots of the lifeless chairs in their new found rows.  I struck up a conversation only to find he was hanging out while his his Freshman Daughter finished up her extra week session, spending the day shooting anything he fancied.  I told him I would enjoy seeing how they came out, and here is the result. 


One of 28 Pallets Unloaded from a 53′ Trailer


35 Rows of White Samsonite’s Spaced at 36″ using Yardstick and String


Leaving Plenty of Seating for Families and Friends under the Trees


The 1072 Graduates Seated in Front – in 2 Blocks of 536 Each


At Lunch time we had 4500 of the 5500 Chairs Set Up


With only 12 More Rows Needed along the back


Maria, Juliana, Matt and Scott Grab Lunch 

Doug Phillips, I have since learned, loves to travel and share his experiences with the camera via the Internet.  While I am not sure if he does this for a living, or for the love, I think he is a professional photographer.    Check out more of his work here.






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