When it comes to choosing and serving food at your wedding, current trends say there are no rules! The sky is the limit for what you can incorporate and the experience you can create for your guests.

Let’s take a look at 8 unique trends that will get you inspired to try something outside the box. Any of these ideas will certainly give you that “wow” factor…and keep guests’ tummies very happy!

Food Trucks

Replicate a fun and festive carnival atmosphere at your wedding by incorporating food trucks into your menu. Yes, food trucks! Picture the excitement of your guests as they watch a nostalgic ice cream truck roll up at your outdoor wedding. Running over for a treat will be just as fun as it was a kid! Food trucks can provide almost any type of food imaginable, so pick what fits your personality and the rest of your menu – burgers, tacos, gyros, cupcakes and more! Another great option is to rent concessions like Sno-Kone machines and popcorn makers to achieve a similar effect.

Beer Bar

Here is a great way to save green while being green – go with the kegs! Picturing your guests pumping kegs all night doesn’t exactly scream “classy” so the key is to make using kegs creative, fun and easy. With just a little time and effort, you can create a “bar” for your kegs that allows guests to try their hand at bartending while refilling the same glass bottle all night. This will reduce the cost of beers as well as the amount of used recyclables.

Interactive Dessert

Let your guests take an active role in creating the exact dessert of their dreams. A S’Mores Bar is perfect for a rustic outdoors wedding. Guests get to experience the fun of a mini camp fire as they roast their marshmallows to their preference. Then they can get creative with the toppings, opting for the traditional chocolate and graham crackers or making their own signature creation out of whatever you provide.

Family Style Dining

The beauty of having family style dining at your wedding is that it gives your guests a reason to talk with each other and does a great job of breaking the ice. Your guests will all have one thing in common – you! But aside from that, it can feel like you are sitting at a table of strangers. Family style dinning will create a casual, friendly atmosphere at your wedding, while letting everyone customize their plate to exactly what they want to eat.

Salad on a Stick

Salads are both healthy and budget-friendly, but they can be awkward to eat when standing up at a cocktail hour. One new trend is taking the traditional salad and putting it on a stick – literally! All your favorite toppings can be consumed in a bite (or two) with just one hand and no plate. Genius! Plus this makes a “boring old salad” feel new and gourmet.

Small Food Stations

This trend gives you yet one more option in addition to a served, buffet or family style dinner. Small food stations scattered throughout your venue allow guests to mix and mingle as they graze on different dinner options. The key to making this different than what is normally done at a cocktail hour is to have full-size entrée portions available, not appetizer size. Food stations avoid the bottleneck that often occurs with a buffet and doesn’t require as many servers. A fun way to ensure your guests know the plan is include a simple “road map” that shows where each station is located and what it serves. Make it an adventure!

Self-Serve Signature Beverages

Let’s face it, there will almost always be a line to the bar at some point in the night – and likely when guests are most thirsty. A great way to give guests another option is to offer a self-serve beverage bar. Tall glass pitchers not only look beautiful, they are a fun and elegant element that will keep guests hydrated. There are a ton of recipes ideas on Pinterest for creative drinks that will please any palette.

Donut Wedding Cake

Donuts are not just for breakfast anymore! In fact, they are a delicacy classy enough for a wedding cake. If you want anything but traditional, this is a great option! Treat your guests to handmade, freshly glazed donuts. This will certainly catch their attention, but the most memorable experience will be finishing off the night with a warm donut coupled with a scoop of ice cream.

Which of these trends sounds the most delicious to you? Share your comments and ideas below!

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