When you think about different types of items you can rent for an event, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of table cloths, napkins, flatware and folding chairs. These items definitely help to set the mood for an event and make it look beautiful.

But what about the rental items that are a little more unique and novel? These are the items that can really set an event apart and make it a fun and memorable occasion. Let’s take a look at some of our most unique rental items that fall into this category.

Popcorn Machine

popcorn machineThere’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly popped popcorn to bring out the excitement of the kid in all of us! Our popcorn machine brings the thrill of being at a carnival or circus to any type of event you can imagine as you get to watch it freshly pop right in front of you. A new trend in weddings it to provide guests with a late night snack before they head home. Warm and salty popcorn would perfectly satisfy those midnight munchies.


Check out the popcorn machine in action!


ovenThat’s right…we rent out entire ovens and ranges! Why might someone need to rent one of these items? For preparing the freshest meals right on site, of course. When you want to create a fully functional venue outside, you need everything from a tent, tables and chairs, to flooring, flatware and ovens too. We can supply all of these items to help bring comfort and class to your open-air celebration.



chandelierOne of the most powerful ways to achieve that “wow” factor is to light up a room with a beautiful chandelier. It provides class, romance, ambience and style to any occasion. Especially for more formal events, hanging a chandelier from the inside of your tent sets the mood for a very luxurious evening. We rent, deliver and install our chandeliers so all you have to worry about is showing up and enjoying the final results!


Colored Glass Dishware

colored glass event central rentalWe’ve all been to events with the standard white or ivory dishware, but do you remember much more about its shape or style? Our colored glass dishware is a great alternative to the hum drum white. It creates a functional, but also decorative tablescape that accents the color of your linens and centerpieces.  Whether you’re serving a menu of sliders and fries or filet mignon, the colored glass dishware also gives food an artistic backdrop.


Carpeting and Runners

red carpetSome occasions call for the fun and flare of a red carpet runner that give guests the celebrity treatment. We can help create a memorable step-and-repeat space with our red carpet runner. We also supply carpeting to place under a tent so that guests have a softer, smoother surface to walk on.



Stanchions & Velvet Rope

stanchionsYou can’t create a real red carpet moment without stanchions and velvet rope to keep the “paparazzi” at bay. We have these items in stock too! Stanchions and velvet rope can also be used in a variety of other situations to create a VIP section or to keep guests in or out of a specific area.



Sno-Kone Machine

sno-kone machineSome like it hot…but for those of us who like it cold, we have a pretty cool rental item for you. Imagine serving your guests freshly made Sno-Kones with a variety of colors and flavors? It’s the perfect cool-down treat for an outdoor summer wedding, especially after guests have worked up a sweat on the dance floor.



Serpentine Tables

serpentine tableSquares and circles are not your only options when it comes to tables. We have the very fun and unique serpentine tables that can be combined in a variety of ways to create a wave of seating. This style of table is especially useful for venues that have an awkward layout. Serpentine tables offer ultimately flexibility for seating.



Children’s Tables and Chairs

childrens chairNot all events are adult-affairs. Sometimes we want to enjoy them with our younger friends as well. Many people might not know where to rent children’s tables and chairs. Well we have them in stock! Whether this is for the kid’s table at a wedding or an arts and crafts section at a community festival, we have the perfect sizes and heights to accommodate even the smallest bodies.


Cotton Candy Machine

cotton candy machineWe will end our list of our most unique rental items on a sweet note. The smell of fresh cotton candy in the air is sure to get the better of any guest’s sweet tooth. We rent cotton candy machines so that you can make this treat right on site. You can even let guests try their hand at self-serving the cotton candy for a very hands-on experience.


What rental item would you most like to have at your next event? Cast your vote by commenting below!

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