Fool-Proof Ways to Customize Your Wedding

What girl hasn’t dreamt about her wedding day…what the dress will look like, where you will have your ceremony, what the flowers will look like, and most importantly, who will be your prince charming?

If you are currently in the wedding planning process, you are lucky to have met your soul mate and now get to take all of these day dreams and bring them to life for your special day! There is a senses of great excitement, anticipation, and of course a lot of planning to be done. It can be easy to overlook the small details and get overwhelmed with all the big decisions you have to make, but now is the time for you to think about these important personal details that can truly make your special day go from great to spectacular.

Take a look at these six unique ways you can personalize and customize your big day!

Incorporate meaningful objects from your families

What better way to customize your wedding than by adding personal and sentimental touches.  You could take a small piece of fabric from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress and have it wrapped around your flower bouquet to carry with you on your special day. Your groom can even carry with him a special heirloom as well, like wearing his grandfather or father’s pocket watch on your special day. The possibilities here are endless! Talk with your family members and ask for their suggestions of special tokens that have memories and meaning.

Serve local food, beer or wine

If you are hosting your wedding in your hometown, a fun and unique way to personalize the food and drink selection is by using local restaurants, breweries or wineries to fill your menu.  If you and your significant other are from two different towns, you might consider using the restaurant where you had your first date or that local brewery you love to go to together.  In anticipation for that special day, maybe you would like to try out the local winery with your bridesmaids for your bridal shower and pick out a favorite bottle of wine to share with your guests at your reception. Even if you’re having an out of town wedding, you can still purchase some food or drink in advance to incorporate on your wedding day!

Have a signature drink

Having a signature drink at your wedding gives you a festive way to personalize your special day.  It could be the exact drink recipe that you and your loved one shared on your first date or maybe it’s a completely new creation that you design just for your special day.  You can name the drink something fun that represents you two as a couple or it could just go along with your theme of your special day.  Whether you’re planning a traditional, intimate wedding or jet setting to a destination wedding somewhere exotic, a signature drink gives your guests even more reason to toast your special day.

Create a unique hashtag for guests to use on social media

Another fun way to personalize your wedding is to create a unique wedding hashtag.  It could be as simple as combining your names like #Branjelina or using your new last name to make a pun like #SmittenwiththeSmiths.  Having a social media hashtag lets you send out quick updates and information about your upcoming nuptials.  It will also allow your family and friends to tag you in photos from your special day.

Showcase your hobbies and interests with your decorations

The most classic way to incorporate your personality into your wedding day is to showcase your favorite activities and interests, either individually or as a couple.  A great way to include your hobbies is through your decor.  Maybe you two are avid sports fans so it could be as simple as using your favorite team colors as your wedding colors or even incorporating the idea into your cake.  Maybe you both love to travel together so you could pick a souvenir from each trip you have gone on together that can be placed on each of your reception tables as decoration. Aim for subtle decoration ideas that you can showcase your passions in life together as couple without getting tacky with those decor ideas.

Share the story of how you met

Now let’s not forget to focus on the reason you’re getting married in the first place…your love story! Think about how you two met and reminisce about that first date.  Maybe there is a picture of you two from that first week of getting to know each other or a program from a play you saw together. Better yet, a little napkin with that phone number he gave you! Take that sentimental item and frame it to put on your signature board or your gift table where guest can see it and learn more about your story. This is just one more way to add that a special touch to what’s going to be your most spectacular day.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for ways in which you can customize your details and decor? Ask us a question by commenting below!

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