Fool-Proof Tips for Organizing a Family Reunion

It is that perfect time of year to get together and reunite with your loved ones. What better way to do this than by hosting a fun, unforgettable family reunion. Here are a few great tips and ideas to organize the perfect family reunion this summer. Take a look!


One of the first steps in your family reunion planning process should be to create your invitations! As with any event or gathering, your invitations set the tone for your party and can go a long way toward convincing guests that this is a can’t-miss event.

Get creative and think outside the box when making your invites! Don’t settle for a plain email that will surely get lost in a spam folder. Spend a little extra time and money and mail hard-copy invites to your family. If you would like to have a themed family reunion, now is the time to start to incorporate this into your invitations. Finally, timing is key. Give your guests plenty of notice to plan for this celebration. It’s likely some people on your guest list will be traveling some distance and will appreciate the advance heads-up.

Tents and Seating

If you are hosting your family reunion over the dog days of summer, you want to make sure your guests stay cool and comfortable. An outdoor gathering is ideal, but you should consider renting a tent, even if only a small one, to provide your guests with shelter from the sun or the rain – whatever Mother Nature might send your way!

Additionally, you want to provide enough seating so all guests can relax and enjoy each other’s company for as long as they choose to stay. If you’re planning a very large family reunion, it’s a good idea to rent additional tables and chairs beyond what you can round up from your house or venue.

Table Setting and Decor

Your table linens and décor by no means have to be as fancy or costly as a wedding, but it’s nice to add a special touch here, especially with something nostalgic or sentimental to your family. Consider renting table linens and napkins in a color to coordinate with your event theme, if you choose to have one. You can then continue the theme into your centerpieces. For a family reunion, it’s always fun to incorporate old photos or keepsakes that will bring back memories and spark conversation!

Are you planning to host a family reunion this summer or fall? Ask us a question by commenting below!

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  1. Hello… My siblings and I are hosting a surprise Birthday BBQ for our Mom’s 75th birthday. I’ve asked for a quote regarding tent, tables and chairs. We’d love a dance floor if we can afford it… and I’d love to hear any other ideas you have to make it casual, but a little special. Thanks!!

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