Fall 2015 Wedding Trends and Styles

Fall is here to stay! Even if you much prefer summer weather, there are a ton of beautiful and enjoyable details that this season brings that are sure to win you over in no time.

Fall is also one of our favorite times to search for some wedding inspiration. The rich color palettes, unique décor and laidback feel are a welcome breath of fresh air. So let’s take a look at some of the most exciting wedding trends and styles heating up this autumn and how you can incorporate pieces into your own wedding or special event.

Gilded everything!

Gold has always been a fall wedding color staple, but this year we are seeing it make an appearance in a variety of unexpected ways. Brides are getting crafty and using gold spray paint and gold leaf to coat just about anything that will stay still. Think gold pinecones, gold pumpkins and wine glasses with a golden stem. There’s just something about being covered in gold that makes things feel warmer, especially when that cool fall breeze passes through. The best part about this trend? You can DIY and save a ton of money by adding the special golden touch to make everyday objects feel more expensive.

Candles are the new flowers

If you’re looking for another trend that will help you warm your event space in the cooler fall months, this one is for you! Many brides are opting to scale down their flower budget and replace their centerpieces with an array of votives and candlesticks. Try experimenting with different shapes, heights and colors for a look that is just as interesting as a big bouquet of flowers, but far less expensive. Plus your candles will create a soft and romantic glow after the sun has gone down…flowers can’t do that!

Ditch the seating chart (and the stress)!

Let’s be honest. Creating a seating chart for your guests is one of the most dreaded and stressful tasks for any bride or groom. You have to consider so many different personalities and relationships and no matter what, you always risk someone getting their feelings hurt over where they are seated (crazy, we know). This year, couples are tossing the seating chart and letting their guests decide where they want to sit at that very moment. That’s right…open dinner seating! It’s not as chaotic as it sounds. Many guests love the freedom to choose and enjoy getting to meet new people they may not have otherwise. After all, everyone at your wedding should have at least one thing in common – you!

Embrace the falling leaves              

Dead leaves all over the ground are something we spend most of our fall chasing after and cleaning up. For your wedding, don’t stress over some fallen leaves – embrace them as part of your décor! If you’re planning an outdoor tented wedding, allow the colorful leaves to create a beautiful, natural flooring on top of the grass. If you’re inside, bring some leaves into your decorations with your escort cards, tablescape or on top of the bar. This trend plays up the ever-popular “rustic” feel that so many brides crave.

Hot cocktails

The cooler fall temps call for something warm and toasty – why not serve it up in your signature beverage? Fall is the season for hot toddy’s, warm apple cider and other varieties of heated ales and spirits. Opt for something sweet and sip-able so guests enjoy the flavor as they also enjoy the added warmth.

You can never have too much wine

…Wine color that is! This fall the deep, rich hue of red wine is a big part of the season’s wedding inspiration. Brides and bridesmaids can incorporate this color into their makeup, accessories and flowers. Grooms can use a splash of wine color for their ties or pocket squares. Wine is also a great color to accent neutral tones as part of your overall color palette. The deeper the better! You don’t risk going too dark this time of year. Just be sure to balance it with a neutral or soft accent color.

What fall 2015 wedding trend and style are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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