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When disaster strikes - Ground Zero

RDS – Rapid Deployment System is an acronym you will be seeing more and more if you are involved in the Emergency Response Community. Losberger-Germany recently held an open house & training event at the Losberger-U.S. plant in Frederick, MD.  The event was used to showcase over 20 different RDS systems and their various accessories such as power distribution, HVAC, decontamination facilities and much more.

What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?
What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?

Event Central – located in Pennsylvania’s capital seat is working with the Losberger U.S. RDS  Team to promote the shelter system to the various organizations,  associations, and lobbyist groups in PA who support the interests of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and FEMA.

And so it is in every state where forward thinking Emergency Management Agency’s are including the purchase of Rapid Deployment Shelters into their budgets. This also gives them the opportunity to take advantage of Federal and State funding that is available through grants to State Emergency Management Agency’s (EMA) and First Responders.  Using services like FedEx,  EMA’s can provide rapid shipment of emergency shelters by air to any point in the US.  A disaster occurrence in Joplin, MO at 2pm, with a call to the EMA by 4pm could mean a 100 person emergency shelter is up and running the next morning, helping disaster victims.

In order to support this initiative , Losberger Europe has shipped several sea containers of RDS inventory to their Frederick, MD manufacturing and distribution facility. Losberger also provides extensive support by linking customers of its RDS product to various integrated partners to provide HVAC, power distribution, lighting, and large structure rentals.

Losberger Rapid Deployment System
Multiple shelters linked together for severe weather response

Losberger U.S. has targeted this product for use in a wide range of events:

  • Hurricane and storm response Losberger US
  • FEMA office shelter
  • First Aid complex
  • Decontamination facilities
  • Field surgery facility in war
  • Aviation crash site
  • Temporary hospital

Below are some pictures taken at the Frederick Training Event.  The shelters were installed in a vacant warehouse adjacent to the Distribution Facility located near the Airport. There were over 50 organizations in attendance.

Air tube support system at 3psi will withstand gale force winds and rain
Air tube support system at 3psi will withstand gale force winds and rain
RDS unit can be anchored to the ground along the perimeter in a variety of ways


 Time Lapse Setup at Frederick MD Training Event
Elevated and plan view of RDS


RDS Implementation Team Photo, 4 of whom are based in Germany

When a local disaster strikes Central PA, Event Central is part of the Emergency Response System in Pennsylvania. We can deliver large square foot tenting with hours notice including:

  • Large Mess Hall Tents with Seating
  • Smaller Command Center Tents with Tables and Chairs
  • Press and Media Tents
  • Crowd Containment Fencing

Contact Event Central to learn how you can incorporate the Losberger RDS Shelters and Structures into your long range Emergency Response Plan.

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