Don’t Make These 6 Wedding Style and Color Mistakes

Don’t Make These 6 Wedding Style and Color Mistakes!

There is nothing worse than looking back on your wedding day with regret. Every couple wants to feel like they got to experience the day of their dreams and ensuring this happens begins during the wedding planning process. Take a look at our top six wedding style and color mistakes that we want to help you avoid making!

Going overboard with your color scheme

Selecting a color scheme helps to give your wedding design direction. But there can be too much of a good thing. A big mistake that brides and grooms make is going overboard with how they incorporate these colors into their wedding details. Not everything has to be painted in exactly these shades! In fact, it’s nice to also include some neutral tones to offset your color scheme and make the other details “pop” in comparison.

Not choosing a color scheme at all

We just talked about not going overboard with your color scheme, but another mistake is not choosing a color scheme at all. Why do your colors matter? For your wedding, this detail helps to bring together your entire vision, making it look cohesive and planned. If you haphazardly pick the colors of things like your linens, bridal party attire and flowers, you are going to be left with an overall design that looks scattered and cheap.

Taking your theme too literal

Themes aren’t limited to only holiday weddings. You can theme your wedding around your favorite destination, movie, era and much more! Overall, themed weddings can be a ton of fun, but they also risk getting cheesy if you aren’t careful. Don’t make the big mistake of getting too literal with your theme or else your romantic wedding will soon look like a child’s birthday party. Our best advice is to pick a few, well-thought-out details and make these the focus. Keep everything else timeless and understated as a nice balance to your theme.

Choosing a trend that will (quickly) date your wedding

Even the best trends and styles come and go. No matter how well you plan your wedding, some details will inevitably date your big day. And in general that’s okay! What you want to avoid is choosing very trendy details that are likely going to be embarrassing to see in your wedding photos in a decade or two. Think wedding dresses with puffy sleeves or mohawks. Think “timeless” when planning your wedding and forgo those cutting-edge trends that will likely fizzle out before your wedding album comes in.

Making last minute changes or panicked decisions

Another big mistake to avoid is making last minute changes. As the big day gets closer, you may start to feel nervous and second guess some of your choices. Don’t make any major changes in a moment of panic! If you feel strongly that you want to completely change your color scheme 2 weeks before your wedding, ask for a second opinion from your maid of honor, mother or wedding planner. They will help to keep you grounded and talk you off a ledge, when needed.

Not seeking professional advice

Finally, the biggest regret brides and grooms often have is not seeking professional event planning advice early and often. Most vendors are happy to provide some basic advice for free, but even if there is a small cost involved, it often pays for itself ten-fold with the amount of time, money and stress you save as opposed to making a bad decision.

What other wedding style and color questions do you have? Ask your questions and our team of experts will weigh in!



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