This post is a follow up to a comment that was left today by Susie Drake which really made me smile.    When I get a comment, I like to know how the customer’s needs tied to our rental services. I learned from the website that the company was that of a person I only knew as the Horse Whisperer, one of the most skilled Horse Handlers I have ever known.  I wish I had known he was visiting at the Farm Show so I could have watched him train in person.


You see, I don’t watch much TV, but my favorite show The Dog Whisperer, is Reality TV the way TV ought to be.  In it, Ceaser Millan, a Hispanic dog trainer has shown me the answer to every bad dog problem I have ever heard of.  As Ceaser says “I rehabilitate dogs. I train people“,  taking struggling dog families and helping them back on track.


In a recent show, Dog Whisperer meets Horse Whisperer Ceaser meets for the first time his equal Pat Parelli who I have since learned is renowned for his way of working with difficult horses habits.  In my youth, I was a “B” Pony Clubber and I know how significant Pat Parrelli’s skills with a “challenging steed” is.  This day, they combined their skills to help out a dysfunctional animal family of dogs “Chloe and Hobo”, and a horse named Cupcake.  As with every episode with the dogs, I was equally blown away by Parelli’s hand with the horse.    If only Pat had been around to work with my mom’s pony Bilbo!  More than once he tried to take a nip out of me.


Whether you are a dog or a horse lover, you will find this show great fun to watch with children and grandparents alike.  Search Google for lots more information on both Whisperers .

Catch this show Fridays at 8PMceaser3


Maybe Ceaser could convince Chief to stay off the couch when we are at work
Hey Ceaser, How do I break CHIEF from thinking he is the Pack Leader around our House?

Scott Woodruff

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