Do You Need a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding

It goes without saying that planning a wedding involves great attention to detail! Every bride and groom wants their big day to go off without a hitch, so it is important to plan ahead and consider all options A, B and even C.

One of the first steps you should take to plan your special day is to pick the location and venue.  Will your wedding reception be in a traditional hotel ballroom or do you prefer the more natural setting of the great outdoors. If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, you will next want to determine whether you will need a tent to add ambiance as well as create a shelter from the elements.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the reasons why the answer to the question “Do I need a tent for my outdoor wedding?” would be a resounding “Yes!”

YES!…If there’s any chance Mother Nature could show up with anything but perfect weather

You may be planning on a beautiful outdoor wedding and believe you picked the perfect season to pull it off, but there is just one problem. You never know what Mother Nature is going to throw your way! Just in case the weather isn’t as perfect as you envisioned, it is important to have a tent lined up as your backup plan.

YES!…If you do NOT have a backup plan for an indoor venue

Depending on the venue you select, some locations offer a nice indoor option as a backup plan if you are having and outdoor ceremony on their grounds.  But for the locations that do not offer an indoor “Plan B,” another way to prevent Mother Nature from throwing you a curve ball is to rent a tent. When you’re finally able to check the 7-day forecast and see that rain or extreme heat is a possibility, you’ll be glad your tented venue is already lined up!

YES!…If you want to create a classy and romantic atmosphere while still enjoying the outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding can limit the way in which you decorate your space.  A great way to bring in classy and romantic touches to your big day, even when outside, is to tent the ceremony and/or reception. A tent helps to define a space that can otherwise feel fast. It also adds soft touches of fabric and uplighting, if you so choose.

YES!…If you simply want ensure your guests are comfortable

Depending on the time of year of your wedding, the weather can be unpleasant for various reasons.  A spring or fall wedding can be chilly and a summer wedding can be too hot or humid. And every season is subject to rain! A tent ensures that your guests will be comfortable no matter the weather. They are sure to appreciate the shade and fans when the weather is hot or the shelter and warmth when the weather is cool. Most importantly, renting a tent for your outdoor wedding ensures weather won’t be your main concern on your special day!

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Let us know what questions you have and one of our experts will be happy to provide you with an answer!

One thought on “Do You Need a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding?”

  1. I completely agree with all of these reasons. Of course, every bride has trouble imagining anything but the perfect wedding, so planning for any kind of weather isn’t easy. In my experience, even the most beautiful and sunny cities can become rainy on a summer day, just to spite you. As a photographer, I’ve decided that I am a fan of marquees, even on a beautiful sunny day, if only for the purpose of shading my photo subjects and casting a more diffused light.

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