As early as last Saturday, disaster relief tents were being contracted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in anticipation of the effect of Hurricane Isaac making landfall. Tent rental companies around the county are monitoring their inventory in anticipation of calls to respond to the effects of the Category 1 Hurricane.

Fellow member of the IFAI  Tent Rental Division,  EVENTSTAR, got a call early in the process. Based in Miami, the company was already putting stakes in the ground Monday in Florida, as they setup support tents required to support the thousands of utility crews and trucks that had already converged on Florida from all over the country.

Florida Power and Light reported to the Wall Street Journal  they contracted to bring in over 2500 utility trucks with 5000 crews from PA, WY, and TX  to respond to Florida’s anticipated power outages.  Over a thousand of those trucks could be seen at the Daytona Speedway over the weekend.

Event Central also sells large structures, tents, tables, chairs and other equipment that can be used as emergency shelters, warehousing, or for disaster relief.

  • Check out this listing for several 18 Meter (59 Feet) wide HTS structures currently available.
  • Check out this listing for a 80′ x 120′ Twin Center Pole Euro Tent complete and ready to install
  • Check out this listing for several 60′ Anchor Century Tension Structures currently available.
  • Call for information on tables, chairs, fans, etc.


Crews from tent rental company arrive to install emergency tent
Eventstar Disaster Relief Crews Arrive Monday to install a Command Tent
EventStar crew
EventStar Structure CEO Alain Perez, of Miami works along side crews as they lay out base plates for tent relief tent for Hurricane Irene
For each 5 Meter Bay there is one piece of vinyl
Workers layout bags of vinyl for emergency structure as 6000# reach lift is used to unload truckloads of aluminum beams
Cat Generator trailer in background with jack hammer driving tent stakes
Miami tent crew drives stakes in ground while rain pours down from Isacc which luckily veered west into the gulf, still leaving mostly massive power outages
Florida Power and Light assembles trucks from as far away as PA
Beginning Saturday, Utility companies from as far away as Pennsylvania started arriving at Daytona Speedway and 5 other staging points in Florida
Emergency structure completed as crews pour into the tent
Emergency command post completed with lighting, rows of tables and chairs –  as utility crews pour in to get assignments and meals.

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