A large white tent is a potential billboard for your event and corporate marketing. Whether your graphics include patriot flags, a photo of a historic icon or your company logo we do it all. Event Central has a full time Graphic Designer on staff who can help you turn any decorating/marketing idea into a finished product on tent. Custom graphics on your tent can really raise the bar for your special event. Your special art can be applied on any size tent, from a 10 x 10 pop up to a large structure. You tell us your vision, and we will bring it to life!

Here’s an photo collage to help you see how graphics have been used with a “patriotic theme” on tents by companies across the country:

Design by Central Tent
Design by Central Tent
Photo credit Star Chrysler
Photo credit Star Chrysler

40x100 pole tent

L Kent Whitehead
Photo Credit L Kent Whitehead
Clear Span Structure with Flag on Gable End
Clear Span Structure with Flag on Gable End

Graphics on Tents 101

Applying graphics to your tent is a simple way to customize your tent for specialized use.  There are many different ways graphics are built into tents:

  1. Print the graphics on rolled stock of printable vinyl, and the manufacturer then cuts and assembles the vinyl pieces to form the tent
  2. Print the graphics onto an adhesive vinyl, and apply it to the surface of the tent as a second layer
  3. Use traditional colored sign cutters vinyl with adhesive backing, cut on a computer, and apply the sign to the single color tent vinyl surface
  4. Cut and weld the shapes/icons/logos into the tent using different tent vinyl colors

There are pros and cons for each type of process.  If you are looking to develop a custom graphics package, Event Central can help you select the process that will give you the performance to suit the application.  We are an authorized distributor for a dozen major tent manufacturers. Let us help you develop the graphics package and tent design that will serve your unique application.

If you are an individual or company with rights to a photo shown, please provide the necessary info, and we will be pleased to insert the appropriate credits.

One thought on “Custom Tent Graphics to Create a Lasting Impression”

  1. My grandparents own a business and frequently go to trade shows and events. They have been looking for new ways to attract attention to their products and their company at these events. Like you said, printed tents are a great way to leave an impression. I will recommend this to them.

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