When I was looking for a way to introduce Cornwall Inn,   I stumbled across this review:

This wedding season, Cornwall will be upgrading and up-sizing to the heavier duty 20 x p101030160 Ft Twin Tube Tent with walls, special lighting and decorating.  In a given season, Cornwall can do upwards to 20 weddings.  EC’s tent is the base size for most events, and as needed additional tenting is ordered one week at a time up to 60 x 70 Ft.

Cornwall has found it easier to offer a menu of services to a bride which might include the Rooms, Catering, Tents and even Flowers.

Cornwall Inn has a website that is rich with information and pictures.  You can also see more reviews and guest’s pictures from the Cornwall Inn, and other wedding venues, at the travel website Trip Advisor.

Cornwall Inn, Cornwall, PA
20 x 60 Ft Twin Tube Frame - Interior View

Scott Woodruff

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  1. Hi I’m looking for a place to have my wedding reception. We are having a reception with small wedding parting attending. How many guests do you accommodate? I look forward in hearing from you.
    Ms (name removed)

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