The Communication Gym

Can’t decide how to give back to your key employees at the end of the year ? Consider a corporate membership to The Communication Gym. What better way to give your employees the advantage in a competitive market place than to help them develop their personal business and communication skills.

Event Central hired The Communication Gym last winter  to challenge the company with several business goals.

  • Perform a review of the organizational structure
  • Open up the channels of communication between departments
  • Create new methods to better communicate our products and services to our client base
  • Provide access to the weekly training classes (Gym Membership) by key managers
The Communication Gym Training Center - Camp Hill
Dale Fallon - conducting one of 6 weekly Gym Sessions
Dale - conducting a Gym Session


The leader of the Gym is Dale Fallon who started his career in business coaching in 2000.  In 2005 Dale founded his own company, The Communication Gym.  He is past president of American Society for Training and Development ASTD.

When Dale was younger, he worked with Event Central where it had his first opportunity to develop his sales interest. It is always great to see old employees later on in their careers, let alone have the opportunity to continue to do business with them.  It is easy for me to see how far Dale’s business skills have evolved over the 23 years I have known him.

To better understand how The Gym has impacted companies in the Mid State check out their YouTube library of videos.

Uploads to You Tube

To learn more about how The Communication Gym can help your business developement,  I encourage you to check out the Leadership Symposium Luncheon that is being held January 17.


Leadership Symposium Luncheon January 17, 2012
Leadership Symposium Luncheon January 17, 2012

The Communiction Gym
Dale Fallon
Managing Member

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