The months of May and June are spring Graduation season for Universities and Colleges across the country. Also known as Commencements, these events are most often held on a Saturday or Sunday.  Event Central has developed a significant chair inventory, as well as an inventory handling system, and the expertise to service this niche market.

This photo essay illustrates the “behind the scenes” preparation for the graduation season.

Quality chair rentals start with the purchase of quality chairs. All our new inventory purchases within the past 8 years has been from Palmer Snyder Furniture, from whom we purchase chairs by the container load.

truck load of chairs
Event Central took delivery of 1 container on April 1st
boxes and boxes of chairs
For the 2013 season, we purchased 2 containers of chairs.             4,500 white and 4,500 brown



fun photo with Iphone panorama feature
Panoramic shot of all the boxes unloaded from the first container-  waiting to be processed
rows of white chairs leaning against wall
Chairs are removed from the cartons
Yellow tape ready to apply on chair
During the check in process, every chair gets an Event Central identifying sticker affixed under the seat.  We then place a colored pin stripe inconspicuously on the bottom of the leg.  This is a quality control marking which insures other rental companies do not swap other brand chairs into our fleet of newer higher quality chairs.

Our material handling system of specialty pallets minimizes the number of times a chair is handled.  A full trailer can be unloaded by 2 people using a forklift within 45 minutes. The 6000 chairs on 30 skids are then transported from the parking lot to the commencement area  in 90 minutes.  Depending on the complexity of the site, Event Central’s material handling system can reduce the man hours required from the time the truck arrives until the chairs are completely setup by 30-40%.  We even have a specialty forklift that allows us to carry the pallets of chairs across the sand-based grass soccer field without damage to the turf.

new skids for truck transport
100 new metal pallets for 2013
stacks of white chairs on pallets
Thousands of chairs on metal pallets waiting to be strapped and loaded on the truck

Tractor Trailers are loaded with up to 6000 chairs on 30 pallets.

White paper with chair counts
Detailed load diagram
truckload of white chairs
5250 white chairs ready for 2 hour transport to university
partially loaded truck of brown chairs
Truckload of brown chairs
Truck with container of new chairs
Truckload of white chairs ready to roll the following week

For the 2013 graduation season

We provided chair rentals for 11 different school graduations spread over 3 different weekends within a 3 hour drive.

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