New Trends and Technologies for Tents

If there’s one thing we really get excited about here at Event Central, it’s new trends and technologies for our tents. We love bringing new looks and features to our clients to help them make their special occasion even more memorable.

Just like every other business and industry strives to improve its products and deliver an even more impressive end result, our team at Event Central also aims to stay ahead of the curve on new tent features and enhancements.

In case you missed it, it’s important to know how we are leading the market in groundbreaking tent technologies (literally …

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Ski Swaps & Tents mean Ski Season is Right Around the Corner

Four area ski and board shops have announced dates and arranged equipment rentals for annual Buy, Sell, and Swap Events.  The huge crowds attending Ski Swaps give each store a boost in pre-season traffic to show the full line of gear, accessories, clothes, etc available for the 2009 – 2010 Ski Season.   Typical Ski Swaps are held adjacent to each store, and many will feature tents and tables for boots provided by Event Central of Mechanicsburg.

skiswap3 Rows of Boots and Skis in the 40 x 80 Pole Tent adjacent to Ski Store

Central PA Area  Ski  &  Snow Board   

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Back to School Sales go Under Tent

weg8The Central PA retailers are busy competing for the Back-to-School business.  It is hard to tell who gets more visibility,  Governor Rendell trying to sell his budget, or the Back-to-School advertisements.

Wegmans booked a tent for their sale at the 6416 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg store.  They ordered the 30 x 45 Anchor Century Mate tent with removable sidewall on all 4 sides.  This allows them to completely open it on the hot summer days, cover the windward side when rain is in the forecast, or close up completely at night for security.

The tent installers for this event were AJ …

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