Party Rental Goods Stolen in NJ July 25 – Reward

tables and chairs stolenREWARD OFFERED FOR THE RETURN OF PARTY RENTAL GOODS. Sad but true, the party rental business has fallen prey to the work of professional thief.  It is believed the goods stolen from this party store in NJ on July 25 may be serving to build an inventory for an emerging rental store.  It is reported that the credit card used in the NJ theft was used the day before in a similar theft of a Massachusetts rental store.

The owner of the NJ store gave me permission to re-post the announcement he placed on Craigslist today.  It is as follows:…

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The IFAI Proceedural Handbook for the Safe Installation of Tentage

One of the most credible sources of technical documentation for tent rental experts is the IFAI Procedural Handbook for the Safe Installation of Tentage. The handbook is the brain-child of the Educational Committee of (IFAI) Tent Rental Division. Now, in it’s third edition, the handbook has been developed by a forward thinking group of rental experts from the manufacturers and tent rental companies to explain, in layman’s terms, safe procedures for installing tents.

Citing the Handbook Introduction:

“It is designed to educate novice as well as experienced tent renters on installation theory, with an emphasis on safety. This handbook …

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Tent and Party Rental 105 – What is a Tensile Structure Tent


The following is a Infographic produced using some of the technical data provided in the IFAI Proceedural Handbook for the Safe Installation of Tentage

IFAI Tensile Tent DrawingTensile tent education with drawings from from IFAI Handbook

You can also learn more about the 4 other common types of rental tents by linking to:

Pole-Supported Tents Through 60-Foot Widths Bail-Ring Tents Through 100-Foot Widths Pipe Frame-Supported Tents Through 60-Foot Widths Box-Beam Frame-Supported Tents Through 100-Foot Widths



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Tent and Party Rental 104 – What is a Box Beam Structure

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Tent and Party Rental 103 – What is a Pipe Frame Tent

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