When is it Safe to use Water Barrels to Anchor Tents

Can plastic barrels full of water provide the holding power necessary for safe tenting?  This educational blog explains alternative ways to safely anchor a tent without stakes. ** At the bottom of the article are several links to discussion by industry experts   Water barrels have their place in tent anchoring, but not for this long term rentalWater barrels have their place in tent anchoring, but not for this long term rental  

Manufacturer’s Design for Stakes

A manufacturer usually engineers their tent anchoring around the data provided in studies for stakes and their holding power.  When a tent manufacturer designs a tent from the ground up, the engineers produce written specifications for anchoring. These specifications …

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Selecting an Outdoor Wedding Reception Site – Part II

Part II of a series – Visiting Sites

You researched the possible sites in Part I You found some great options.  You  might even have checked some references ahead of time.  The appointments are made, and you are on your way!   You would hate to arrive to find they are tied up with another client or a wedding.  What’s next-

Site selection visits – what to bring Bring along your list of questions and a camera or video recorder to document the site. This will come in handy when it comes to decision time, especially if others participating in the …

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Selecting an Outdoor Wedding Reception Site – Part I

This is Part I in a 2 part series for selecting a wedding reception site. Click Here for Part 2

Central PA offers a vast amount of options when it comes to wedding reception sites .  There are  established venues such as Bed and Breakfasts, Public Gardens like Hershey, or maybe even your own back yard. Hershey Garden & Felicita Garden and SpaFelicita Garden Resort & Spa Hershey Gardens Bed And Breakfast Wedding SiteLocal Bed And Breakfast - Conewago Manor Inn

What are you looking for as a reception site? Make a written list of questions that are important to you, such as: ~Where is the location in relation

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Ski Swaps & Tents mean Ski Season is Right Around the Corner

Four area ski and board shops have announced dates and arranged equipment rentals for annual Buy, Sell, and Swap Events.  The huge crowds attending Ski Swaps give each store a boost in pre-season traffic to show the full line of gear, accessories, clothes, etc available for the 2009 – 2010 Ski Season.   Typical Ski Swaps are held adjacent to each store, and many will feature tents and tables for boots provided by Event Central of Mechanicsburg.

skiswap3 Rows of Boots and Skis in the 40 x 80 Pole Tent adjacent to Ski Store

Central PA Area  Ski  &  Snow Board   

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Carlisle Regional Medical Center Ushers in Spring – Family Fun and Safety Day

The last of the snow is melted at Ski Roundtop, and our thoughts naturally turn to spring/summer outdoor activities.  What better way to welcome the warm weather than to attend the Family Fun and Safety Day at the new hospital facility on the western end of Carlisle.


Providing medical services in a small community is important, but there are other ways to invest your business into the community.  Carlisle Hospital uses this event to reach out to a community who otherwise might only come to them in a time of crisis.

Here is some of what will be going on …

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