Setup Underway for 2011 New Year’s Eve Strawberry Drop at Downtown Harrisburg

HERSHEY HARRISBURG REGIONAL VISITORS BUREAU New Year's Eve New Year’s Eve preparations got underway with the closing of Second Street at 8:00 AM New Year’s Eve Day. The Event Central 24′ Crew Cab truck slipped by the barricades and started the setup.  After they unloaded the truck contents –  Stage,  Stage Cover and SafeBlock Concrete Ballast, the setup got underway. Check out this New Year’s Poster  posted by Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau

Stage and Stage Cover by Event Central At Noon,  the Stage and Stage Cover installation is completed by the EC Crew. Within minutes, Anderson Audio  started loading in the Lighting, Audio and Trusses to be installed in…
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Emergency Shelter – Losberger RDS – Rapid Deployment System

Mayor Giuliani - Photo Credit  - Newsweek When disaster strikes - Ground Zero

RDS – Rapid Deployment System is an acronym you will be seeing more and more if you are involved in the Emergency Response Community. Losberger-Germany recently held an open house & training event at the Losberger-U.S. plant in Frederick, MD.  The event was used to showcase over 20 different RDS systems and their various accessories such as power distribution, HVAC, decontamination facilities and much more.

What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?

Event Central – located in Pennsylvania’s capital seat is working with the Losberger U.S. RDS  Team to promote the …

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The MATRA Show


Panoramic view of the MATRA tent complex part way into installation

Tent rental companies from all over the country met last week at the annual MATRA (Mid Atlantic Tent Renters Association) Conference.  The show took place at Dover Downs and Casino, and had over 20 different manufactured tents installed over a 4 acre parking lot.

This is the 21st year in a row Event Central has participated in this “one of a kind” show!

Attendees of this show are looking for the latest the industry has to offer. If you are serious about providing safe and professional tent…
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New Years Brings Harrisburg’s First Annual Event of the Year

Photo courtesy of Patriot NewsPhoto courtesy of Patriot News

We are extremely grateful to keep servicing the same customers and venues year after year. With the turn of a new year, we aim to keep the same customers and their annual events. In a business like ours, working side by side with other companies who serve the event business is an everyday occurrence. Many of our new customers don’t realize that we work closely with a number of wedding/corporate venues in the area on a daily basis during the busy summer seasons. I consider all the companies and venues we work with part of …

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Budweiser Clydesdales Stable under the Tent

When Sue Weitzel, Executive VP of Brewery Products in York called to rent a 60 wide tent for the York Fair, it seemed to be a typical rental for America’s Oldest Fair.  But with a few more qualifying questions,  Brad Vasey – EC  learned that Brewery Products, the local distributor for Anheiser Busch products, has the privilege of sponsoring the the Clydesdale Hitch Team for it’s debut to the York Fair.

Horses being unloded from the specialized transport systemHorses being unloaded from the specialized transport system Truck meets Tent/Stable at  York FairgroundsTruck parked at Tent/Stable at York Fairgrounds


The Budweiser Clydesdale’s were on Parade 4 days at the fair.

Also – …

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