The last of the snow is melted at Ski Roundtop, and our thoughts naturally turn to spring/summer outdoor activities.  What better way to welcome the warm weather than to attend the Family Fun and Safety Day at the new hospital facility on the western end of Carlisle.


Providing medical services in a small community is important, but there are other ways to invest your business into the community.  Carlisle Hospital uses this event to reach out to a community who otherwise might only come to them in a time of crisis.

Here is some of what will be going on Saturday:


Pictured here is hospital staff  Super Man/Woman
putting on Moulage Makeup for victim in a disaster simulation

Last years Healy’s Skate Team Demonstration
Showing  Balance and Agility

Pictures above courtesy of CRMC

Looking Back
At the turn of the century the Medical Center began plans to build a complete new facility at their current location because they were land-locked in a building which would not allow them to embrace the newer technology, let alone provide enough parking for staff and visitors.
2004 – EC was called on to provide a small tent for the official ground breaking ceremony.
2006 -The New Medical Center was getting the finishing touch.  The Grand Opening took place  in February, to be attended by a thousand friends, contributors and community leaders. For this event, EC erected a 60 x 120 Anchor Century Tent with Walls, Heat, Lights, Seating and Stage  to be used over a 2 day period.

2006 – Helping CRMC open their “New Doors” to the Carlisle community


Lighting the Outside of Tent with a “Gobo”
– Projecting the Logo on the White vinyl

If you want to put on a Health Fair, or Educational event, your local rental store can provide a wealth of ideas and information.

Scott Woodruff

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