Why Corporate Events are More Fun Under a Tent!

While this tented venue is still set up for a corporate conference, look how much more fun this experience would be for your employees!

Many of us have sat through enough dull and lifeless corporate events to last us a lifetime. They’re the ones where people swing by for an obligatory hello before checking their watch and finding a good excuse to get out of there. It’s a shame that corporate events have gotten such a bad rap, especially […]

When Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

Big and beautiful tents, like this, tend to fly out of our warehouse during peak season.

From the moment you say, “Yes!” the thought of wedding dresses, invitations, linens and first dance songs will start swimming through your head. Oh the possibilities! With all of these details, both big and small, how much time should you really allow to plan your big day? Ultimately, this answer varies for each couple. Friends […]

Behind the Scenes: It takes a team to set up a tent

Here is a frame tent in the process of being set up.

Most of us can recall a time (or two) when we’ve struggled in our backyard or at a campsite to set up a tent for a small family. Are we sure we have all the poles? Is it supposed to lean like that? Who brought the stakes? It can be confusing and frustrating if it’s […]

How to Beat the Heat When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Carefully pick the time you start your ceremony! Avoid the hottest hours of the day or provide a tent for your guests to sit under.

An outdoor summer wedding provides a beautiful, natural backdrop that is both elegant and comfortable. However, without the proper planning, the summer heat can make an outdoor venue quite uncomfortable for your guests. If you’re thinking of saying “I Do,” under the open summer sky, take special care to ensure you and your guests keep […]

What Tent Should You Use for Your Special Occasion?

event central tent guide

Tents are a symbol of celebration. When you see a tent, you know something fun is about to take place. From weddings and community events to commencement ceremonies and corporate functions, a tent is a sure sign that good food and entertainment will follow! Just as there are various occasions that call for a tent, […]

7 Stress Saving Hacks for Planning a Perfect Wedding

wedding planning

Everyone will tell you that planning your wedding is a very special time. What most people won’t tell you is how this can turn into a stressful time if you’re not careful. To avoid the unnecessary stress of wedding planning and to make it a fun and enjoyable memory, it requires some preparation as well […]

When Planning a Wedding, Options Are a Brides Best Friend

Here is just a snapshot of the huge variety of colors and patterns of linens we have in stock! Click the photo to browse our online inventory.

Whether you’re a bride, a friend of a bride or someone who is looking forward to getting married in the near or distant future, we’re going to let you in on one of the best pieces of wedding planning advice you could ever receive. Explore all your options! Just as you never settled during your […]

When You Are In the Party Business, You Need to Know How to Have Fun!

Our team of professionals come together to create a unique family with a special bond. And at the core of our relationship is our love for having fun. Not only does this help to make the long work hours during our busy season more bearable, finding ways to have fun throughout the workday also helps […]

How to Make Your Wedding Details Reflect Your Personality

Soft, muted colors reflect a calm and romantic personality.

Your wedding is sure to be one of the most special days of your life – a day in which all eyes will undoubtedly be on you. This is all the more reason to want the details of your wedding ceremony and reception to reflect your personality. Whether you’re celebrating in a ballroom, country club, […]

Trend Alert: The Hottest New Rentals You’ll Want for Your Next Event


When it comes to putting on a big event, trends affect a lot more than just what the guests will be wearing. In fact, trends can affect everything from the style of the tent, arrangement of the tables and colors of the chairs – not to mention the design of the linens! What they also […]