5 Reasons Why the Event Central Team Loves Fall!

5 reasons why the event central team loves the fall

Fall is officially here – in case you missed the season’s grand announcement, just take a look around! While everyone else is getting excited for pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather and falling leaves, here at Event Central, we get excited for a whole different list of reasons. Here are the top five things we are […]

How to Make Your Fall Wedding Stand Out

How to Make Your Fall Wedding Stand Out

To you, your wedding is the most important day of your life. But to family and friends, they will play the role as a guest, which they will likely do countless times throughout their lives. So how can you make your wedding stand out among all the other nuptials your guests are sure to attend? […]

Fall 2015 Wedding Trends and Styles

Fall 2015 Wedding Trends and Styles

Fall is here to stay! Even if you much prefer summer weather, there are a ton of beautiful and enjoyable details that this season brings that are sure to win you over in no time. Fall is also one of our favorite times to search for some wedding inspiration. The rich color palettes, unique décor […]

Central PA’s Best Fall Festivals and Events

apple festival

Central Pennsylvania is a great place to live any time of the year, but especially in the fall! Why? Not only are the changing leaves a spectacular sight, but there are a ton of fun and exciting festivals and events that take place across the region. You can taste local, delicious treats, enjoy music, art […]

5 Ways to Resolve Disagreements About Wedding Planning

wedding diagreements blog

Wedding planning is a stressful process that can bring people closer together – and also place a wedge between even the best friendships. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but it’s never more important than resolving a disagreement between you and a loved one. If an argument or […]

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day is right around the corner! While this is the bittersweet marking of the end of summer, it’s one last chance to enjoy some of the best memories of the season yet. So how will you celebrate? If you haven’t finalized your plans yet or are having a hard time finding something that sounds […]

How to Determine an Appropriate Wedding Budget


That’s right. It’s time to tackle the dreaded issue of planning out your wedding budget! This is often a bride or groom’s least favorite topic because it means having to get real with the expenses of your wedding and look at the hard figures that will surely impact your finances for the first years of […]

Longstanding Wedding Planning Advice – That’s Passed the Test of Time!

timeless wedding planning advice

When you share the exciting news of your engagement with family and friends, it’s natural for them for also want to lend you a piece or two of advice to help you plan your dream day. Even the most well-meaning “must do” tips can be stressful, overwhelming or come across rude. Moreover, how do you […]

7 Ways to Prevent Mother Nature From Ruining Your Party

mother nature

When you pour your heart and soul into planning a special occasion for your family and friends, it can be devastating to watch your plans come undone thanks to Mother Nature. This happens more times than anyone could quantify and while there’s no surefire way prevent this from happening, there are several ways you can […]

New Trends and Technologies for Tents


If there’s one thing we really get excited about here at Event Central, it’s new trends and technologies for our tents. We love bringing new looks and features to our clients to help them make their special occasion even more memorable. Just like every other business and industry strives to improve its products and deliver […]