8 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

backyard bbq summer cookout with white tents

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July The Fourth of July holiday is the keystone to the summer season. It’s often filled with great American traditions like picnics, BBQ, festivals, parades, fireworks and family gatherings of all shapes and sizes. In case you are not yet decided on how you will spend this […]

Planning a Summer 2016 Wedding? Here’s What to Do NOW!

Here is one dream space we created for an outdoor summer wedding. How romantic!

Planning a Summer 2016 Wedding? Here’s What to Do NOW! So you are about a year out from your big day. Congratulations! While it may seem far off in the distance, there are some important wedding planning tasks you can tackle right now that will save you panic and disappointment down the road. Get a […]

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

You can't beat the beach backdrop for some stunning wedding photos!

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding Summer is upon us and the appeal of a beach wedding is hotter than ever! Like your guests really need another reason to spend some time by the ocean? Whether you’re planning to say your vows with sand between your toes or you simply want to incorporate some […]

Fun Food Trends to Try at Your Wedding

food stations

When it comes to choosing and serving food at your wedding, current trends say there are no rules! The sky is the limit for what you can incorporate and the experience you can create for your guests. Let’s take a look at 8 unique trends that will get you inspired to try something outside the […]

Must-Know Tips for Picking Your Wedding Flowers

wedding bouquet for spring or summer

At Event Central, we specialize in event rentals and sales, but having worked intimately with countless couples who are planning their wedding day, we’ve gained some valuable advice on all things wedding related – including flowers. Flowers can make up a large chunk of your budget and the choices can be overwhelming. It’s critical to […]

The Most Exciting Events in Central PA this Summer

city island harrisburg fireworks

Happy Memorial Day! This holiday is what most people regard as the official kickoff to summer and we’re excited for all of the fun festivals and community events that are planned for the Central PA region over the next 3 months. If you have lived in the area for at least a year, you are […]

5 Ways to Celebrate this Memorial Day

Nothing signals the start of summer much like a home decorated with American flags!

Memorial Day is just a week away; do you know how you plan to celebrate? Whether you decide to throw your own party this year or honor the day by attending a local event, there are countless ways you can honor our veterans while enjoying time with family and friends. Let’s take a look at […]

The Hottest 2015 Summer Wedding Trends

edison bulbs as wedding decor

We are just a few short weeks away from the official start of summer and the big wedding buzz is all about the trends we can expect to see this season. What are the innovative ideas? What are the popular colors? How can we make 2015 summer weddings unlike any year before? Luckily for our […]

5 Ways to Make Mother’s Day a Special Occasion

This 30x30 backyard tent creates a great event space!

Moms do so much for us each and every day – for all the years of their lives. One day a year is not enough to truly celebrate how much we love our moms, but it’s a good start! Let’s make 2015 the most memorable Mother’s Day celebration yet! Here are 5 ideas for how […]

Wedding Etiquette: Advice on Tough and Tricky Situations

wedding eqiquette

Weddings tend to be very emotional occasions and these emotions can sometimes cause tension, stress and hurt feelings if certain situations are not handled appropriately. Questions about “Am I allowed to do this?” or “Should I do that?” are endless – as are the answers. While it would be impossible to break down and answer […]