weg8The Central PA retailers are busy competing for the Back-to-School business.  It is hard to tell who gets more visibility,  Governor Rendell trying to sell his budget, or the Back-to-School advertisements.

Wegmans booked a tent for their sale at the 6416 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg store.  They ordered the 30 x 45 Anchor Century Mate tent with removable sidewall on all 4 sides.  This allows them to completely open it on the hot summer days, cover the windward side when rain is in the forecast, or close up completely at night for security.

The tent installers for this event were AJ and Slim.  Upon arrival, they found Wegmans’ warehouseman had pulled several dozen skids of products ranging from snack food to housewares to paper supplies.  It  made a perfect last minute stop for the college student en-route from home to campus.

Larger professional tent companies like EC can deliver hundreds of different styles and sized tents to meet most any purpose:

  • Tent sales
  • Weddings
  • Ground Breaking
  • Grand Openings
  • Chamber of Commerce Mixers
  • Auctions
  • College Events


Slim ( Andy Mattrick) tensioning tent before installing sidewall
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Prior to staking, each hole is drilled to avoid damage when removing stake.

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