In a Press Conference Tuesday, The American Rental Association (ARA) and its affiliated Insurance arm released the newly developed “Statement of Best Practices of Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events”  This landmark document was developed through the combined efforts of The ARA, and several industry leaders from party rental companies and tent manufacturers across the United States.


The American Rental Association developed  the Statement of Best Practices for Emergency Evacuation Planning at Tented Events

Objectives of the document include:

  • Underscore that tents are not safe shelters in emergency situations.
  • Educate event personnel involved in tented events of their role to ensure the safe use of the equipment.
  • Help tent rental companies and their clients in understanding the industry’s best practices regarding measures to take when emergency conditions occur during outdoor and tented events.
  • Help tent rental customers to understand their role when preparing emergency evacuation plans for their events.
  • Enhance the safe use of rented tents, canopies and structures to avoid and reduce injuries from emergencies.


Establish a point person:

The Event organizer needs to designate someone who will be in charge of the emergency evacuation plan and be present on site for the entire event. The point person(s) will assist in developing the plan and be responsible during the event for monitoring the weather, determining whether a situation calls for evacuation, and if so, acting decisively and authoritatively to instruct guests to evacuate.



During The Rental Show – 2013, The Best Practices Document was unveiled to a group of 200 rental specialists attending the ARA Events & Tents program. On the panel were some of the people who were instrumental in the development of the safety initiative.

       Events and Tents seminar

I would like to recognize the efforts of the following people and organizations who contributed to the important document:

  • Canton Chair Rental – Tim Maloney – Team Leader
  • ARA – Carla Brozick
  • ARA Insurance – Maura Paternoster
  • Anchor Industries – John Fuchs
  • TopTec Products – Michael Tharpe
  • Aztec Tent – Alex Kouzmanoff
  • Marquee Rents – Laura Page
  • Classic Party Rental – John Donison
  • Central PA Rentals – Scott Woodruff


For additional information,
or to order copies, contact:

American Rental Association
1900 19th St. Moline, IL 61265
Phone: 800-334-2177


For information on Event Central’s  Outdoor Event Emergency Planning Tool Click here





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